India Denies 'Cold Start' Plan
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India Denies 'Cold Start' Plan


India has told the United States that, contrary to speculation, it doesn’t have a ‘cold start’ doctrine for invading Pakistan within days of any conflict breaking out.

The ‘cold start’ doctrine is a version of World War II’s ‘blitzkrieg’ principle, under which India would mobilize within four days against Pakistan, rather than taking the minimum two months believed to be required to move a substantial invasion force to the eastern border.

The doctrine was mentioned following ‘Operation Parakram’ in December 2001, when Indian troops were mobilized after the Indian Parliament was attacked by Pakistani terrorists.

The previous Indian army chief, Deepak Kapoor, alluded to ‘cold start’ and the possibility of fighting a ‘limited war under a nuclear overhang’, comments which angered Pakistan. Indeed, Pakistan used these comments to justify its refusal of American requests to move the bulk of its troops to the east to fight the Taliban.

According to reports, the US asked for clarification from India about ‘cold start’, a doctrine that the Indian Army denied was central to its considerations.

In a press interview, Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh said simply, ‘There is nothing called “Cold Start.” As part of our overall strategy, we have a number of contingencies and options, depending on what the aggressor does. In recent years, we’ve been improving our systems with respect to mobilization, but our basic military posture is defensive.’

September 12, 2010 at 12:05

All most all major terrorist attacks within India occur during peak winter when the Indian forces have vacated their forward positions and it takes months to move them back to the border. ‘Cold Start’ will enable India to lauch a swift Counter attack on Pakistan even in peak winter if the Pakistanis launch a major terrorist attack on India.

USA supplies Pakistan with modern F-16s with Beyond visual range missiles and Naval vessels just to fight Taliban. Will Pakistan use it against the Taliban or India ? While we Indians cry out about the Chinese support to Pakistan we continue to ignore the huge and blatant US support to Pakistan. USA should be told to stop supporting Pakistan and it has no business to make any demands on India on ‘Cold Start’ or any other thing as long as it continues to finance and arm Pakistan. If Pakistan and China are visible enemies, them USA appear to an invisible one.

September 12, 2010 at 10:14

People are forgetting that China has investments in time, effort and infrastructure in Pakistan. If you think for a moment that the former would allow India to cut off their road and potential rail links to Pakistan and the Gulf, you are deluded. Unlike 1971, when China was relatively weak compared to the then Soviet Union, today she has settled her border problems with Russia and the latter has her own problems both with internal terrorists and with the USA in her backyard. China and Russia are also both part of SCO. Besides the Chinese objecting, the USA will also tell India to back as NATO is in Afghanistan and still needs Pakistan’s help.

September 12, 2010 at 08:40

Wether we have a Cold Start Doctrine or no is none of the US business.

viren naik
September 11, 2010 at 09:19

It is very unfortunate that United States only looks at the world scenario from its own perspective without accepting the valid arguments from likely assoicates.
China has already resorted to Cold start doctrine against India nearly 10 years ago and now has deliberated openly further via Gilgit and Baltistan making sure that Pakistan only needs to concentrate on Punjab and the Sindh front where attack can be easily managed by three weeks advanced preparations.
Why do you think that China is spending billions of dollars in raising infrastructure around the Indian Border areas. There is no oil there yet billions spent in a hurry as if to meet some kind of a deadline.
The answer is water and water as a weapon of deprivation.
They are playing a very dangerous game where half of the humanity can be wiped out in a matter of days.
India needs to deploy nuclear armed garrison and air power in the North East and the West as a rapid response to cold start from both China and Pakistan and a hidden foe in the guise of US.
The real Mccoys the Neocons of US are the real controllers of how the US moves on foreign agenda and in this respect both US and China are totally interdependent a bankrupt America sustained by a market seeking China establishment a similar structure to Pakistan.One conning the grassroots in the name of communism the other in the name of Islam.
India as usual is only a few years away from breaking away from western influence through higher educational advancement and new scientific discoveries which can change the conceptual understanding of intelligent life as we know it today.
Let us see what happens in year 2011 because that is what the Chinese deadline is all about.
Regards and God Bless
Viren Naik

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