Islamists Vow China Attacks
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Islamists Vow China Attacks


An Islamist militant group has claimed responsibility for a series of deadly attacks in China’s restive Xinjiang region this summer, and warned of further strikes to come.

According to the US-based SITE intelligence group, Sheikh Abdul Shakoor Damla, leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party, promised in a video statement to avenge ‘Chinese occupation’ of the region.

‘All the policies practised by the Chinese communist government against the Muslims in East Turkestan aim at completely maiming the identity of the Muslims and their strong traditions,’ he is quoted by Reuters as saying. ‘The jihadi operations in the provinces of Hotan and Kashgar are merely acts of revenge against the atheist communists, who fought the religion of Allah the Almighty publicly and openly.’

The video follows Chinese claims in July that militant Islamists who had been trained in Pakistan plotted the Hotan and Kashgar attacks, which claimed the lives of least 40 people and injured dozens more. This suggestion, though, has been disputed by ethnic Uighur exile groups who have said instead that the violence resulted from China’s repression of the region's largely Muslim native population.

Last month, China claimed to have prevented attempted attacks by Uighur militants in Xinjiang as Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari was in the country for a trade expo. According to the official Xinhua News Agency, China tightened security in the area ahead of the China-Eurasia Expo, 'deploying armed SWAT teams, marching baton-wielding riot police through the old part of the city and stepping up checks on flights bound for the region.’

The region has been of particular concern for Chinese officials since riots erupted in the region in July 2009. Almost 200 people were killed, and about 1700 injured, in a series of clashes between ethnic Uighurs and Han ethnic Chinese.

The latest violence started on July 18 in Hotan when Chinese officials said that police had killed 14 people involved in a raid on the police station in the area. Police said that the rioters used knives and explosives to take hostages, killing two security guards in the process. However, an Uighur exile group disputed this version of events, saying instead that police had in fact fired into a crowd of peaceful protesters.

The unrest continued on July 30 in Kashgar, when officials said two men hijacked a truck, killed the driver and rammed the truck into a crowd. They are then said to have fled the truck and to have started slashing at random passers-by with knives, killing eight people in the process. The next day, explosions were reported at a restaurant, where a group of men are alleged to have then run into the street where they killed four people.

The new video shows footage of a man identified as Memeti Tiliwaldi at what is alleged to be a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan or Pakistan. According to the New York Times, ‘Chinese police reported in early August that they had shot and killed Tiliwaldi, 29, after he was identified as one of those who staged’ the attacks in Kashgar on July 30 and 31.

However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry for its part has refused to be drawn on the authenticity of the video. In response to a question about the 10-minute clip, Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin said:

‘I haven’t seen the video you mentioned. Our principled position is that at present, a small handful of terrorist forces…out of motives of splitting China, are conducting rampant violent terrorist activities within China's border (to) seriously undermine China's national unity, and regional peace and stability.’

December 28, 2011 at 02:49

Allah 1,I think this is the aggressive remark ever made in a civilized world! Ok,I know from persective over mandkind that we are selfish in nature,but to this extent of appraising the war against peace is not acceptable! I dont know from which ground you rise such fatal statement. To force an entire society to accept the demand of a certaing group will not work at all. China must remain safe and the world must come together to fight agaist the groups.

September 30, 2011 at 15:49

@Allah1: Rbrowo39 is right. The way for Muslims to deal with china should be:
1. Muslim countries to become democratic, which will then earn respect from the west.
2. Form alliance/partner with the west to improve your condition.
3. Don’t buy anything from china,
4. Don’t sell to china any of your natural resources
5. Monitor and help Muslims in Xinjiang; report to the UN of any attrocity by china. This is hard since china is a master of concealing things like this.

Godd luck…

September 19, 2011 at 20:39

Allah1, I hate to spoil your party but dealing with China is much different than dealing with the west. They drove tanks over their own people, what do you think they’re going to do to a bunch of terrorists? Probably wipe them out and then begin cleansing the earth of Muslims with an efficiency never seen before. But go ahead. Wake the dragon.

September 14, 2011 at 09:05

Allah will crush China once for all! Allahu Akbar, mabark Cina!

September 9, 2011 at 15:15

Mr. Chan, you indicate that the world would be “more peaceful and harmonious if everybody can see from other side point of view.” You also indicate that “All religions are same, autocratic, superstitious, suppressive, ignorant, retarded, etc.” Are you aware of the hypocrisy of your double standard here? We are humanity and, as such, there are elements who give in to hatred and violence. Their numbers include atheists as well as those professing to a certain religious doctrine. There are also atheists and religious who genuinely care about their fellow man/woman. Just one simple example, using the Catholic Church in this case, points to the very real evils of pedophilia and cover-up. This, we hear about in the news every day. What we don’t here about is the fact that the Church is the largest provider of health care in the world and runs 60% of the HIV/AIDS clinics in the United States alone. Or of the Catholic priest in India who gave his life to save three drowning youths. This one example indicates how good and bad people can be part of a greater whole, whether it is a nationality, cultural identification, religious or non-religious group. I would argue that the bigotry and hatred in your posting against religion is what is wrong with the world for it is this very divisiveness that tears us apart. On the other hand, I agree whole heartedly that we must see the other person’s point of view even if we do not agree with it. But, how is your attack on people of faith “seeing their view?” Perhaps I take a more simplistic approach. You might even consider it stupid. I do not see any nationality, secularist or religious movement, or culture as being bad. I see good and bad individuals in every nationality, faith or non-faith movement and culture. And, it is the type of arrogant bigotry that enables people to attack others that I personally see as bad. To the Uighurs and Han Chinese, whether they are Muslim, Christian or Atheist, my prayer is for peace and understanding. I have spent most of my life studying China, its language and people. The issues with the Uighurs run deep and are very complex. I hope both sides are able, with time, to resolve these issues.

John Chan
September 9, 2011 at 14:23

All religions are same, autocratic, superstitious, suppressive, ignorant, retarded, etc. To any religion, all other believes must be eradicated. If Vatican didn’t lose the war to the French, there would be no liberty in the West. So stop your silly cold war slogan here.

John Chan
September 9, 2011 at 14:12

World would be a lot more peaceful and harmonious if everybody can see from other side point of view. As long as someone insists he has the moral authority, there will be no peace, the disadvantaged will always fight to redress their suffering.

Your terrorist is other’s freedom fighter.

September 9, 2011 at 08:42

These terrorist must all be extinguished for world peace!

September 8, 2011 at 22:49

There is no exemption to the terrorism of Osama which they can attack in any of their target, open communication with the world is needed to contain there hostile action… communism will not be spare by the terrorist..

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