Xi Jinping Arrives in U.S.
Image Credit: White House

Xi Jinping Arrives in U.S.


Xi Jinping, who is expected to succeed Hu Jintao as China’s president during the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership changes in the autumn, has arrived in the United States for a five-day visit.

What do we know about Xi? He was born in Beijing in 1953, and is a native of Shaanxi Province and a leader of the fifth generation of the Chinese leadership. His father, Xi Zhongxun, was a hero of the Long March and was one of the founders of the Communist guerrilla movement in the province, but was prosecuted during the Mao era.

Xi has held a number of key leadership roles, including First Secretary of Secretariat of the Chinese Communist Party, secretary of the Party Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of the CCP Shanghai Municipal Committee. He also was the key man behind the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

However, some questions have been raised about his educational background—he reportedly entered university in 1975 despite never studying, let alone finishing high school, and received a doctorate in 2002 despite not holding a masters. Some observers had claimed the controversy could hinder Xi’s rise, but his election as vice chairman of the Military Commission in October 2010 seems to have put such concerns to rest and strongly implied Xi’s eventual succession to Hu, who followed the same path.

Susan Lawrence, an Asia specialist at the U.S. Congressional Research Office, has an excellent and pretty comprehensive overview of what is at stake with Xi’s visit, which begins in earnest tomorrow with a meeting with Barack Obama before he delivers a policy speech on Wednesday and then heads up to Iowa, where he is scheduled to meet Gov. Terry E. Branstad, who he met on a visit in 1985.

In terms of foreign policy, Syria is bound to come up following China’s decision to join Russia in vetoing a resolution condemning the Syrian government (and as Richard Weitz notes in his commentary on the issue for us today, it seems it was very much a case of China following Russia in the decision, not the other way around).

As Lawrence says, other key issues are likely to be Iran’s nuclear program, North Korea and the U.S. pivot to the Asia-Pacific.

“The U.S.-China relationship is crowded with issues requiring high-level management, both urgent and longer-term in nature. All would benefit from top U.S. officials having a stronger working relationship with Xi than it has currently with Hu,” she writes.

February 15, 2012 at 21:47


Xi Jinping said, “At the present the international situation continues to
be complex with deep changes. China and America have even more far reaching
mutual benefits to shoulder even more important mutual responsibilities.


Starting from a new historical point, whether both sides can grasp the opportunities,
resolve challenges and build a good Chinese-American partnership relationship,
it will impact on the future of our two countries and that of the world.


I expect through this visit to actively and realistically seek ways with
the American side to mutually continue to push forward healthy and secure
development. I also expect to have extensive contact with many people in
all sectors in America, to exchange conversation with them, to discuss cooperation,
and establish friendship.


Xi Jinping’s visit to America has no historical significance.

Xi Jinping has arrived in Washington D. C. for a five day visit. The above
excerpt quoted what he said about this visit. However, given the history
of the last 30 to 40 years in the relationship of China and America the
current relationship is deteriorating with China losing economic benefits
in trading with the US while the US is increasing its longer trend of encircling
China and threatening China militarily. Xi is expected to be elected President
of China at the end of this year and begin his administration or rule of
China starting in March 15, 2013.

The position of the President of China is largely ceremonial one. However,
the President of China is also automatically the General Secretary of the
CPC and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission. As the General
Secretary of CPC, Xi will have enormous power of establishing the overall
policy and direction of the Chinese government and the Chinese nation.
As the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi is the equivalent
of the American Commander in Chief. Xi has all the military power in his
hand. As the President of China, the General Secretary of the CPC and the
Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi will be the most powerful
man in China. It is because of the expectation of his future ascension
to these positions that makes his visit to America so significant.

For the last 30 to 40 years since the rule of Deng Xiaoping China has been
under the general philosophy of “Riding the American hegemonic ship and
quietly getting rich.” Under this political philosophy was evolved the
method and logic of “Hiding the light” foreign relationship where China
pretend to be as weak as possible so as not to alarm its trading partners.
But it is obvious that these philosophies and methods are not really successful.
America had worked well with China for a couple of decades until its biggest
enemy, the former USSR, had collapsed. After its collapse in 1991 America
resumed its old policy of containing China with ever increasing hostility
resulting in the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. The first
thing Bush did in 2001 just a few days after his assumption of office, he
ordered the knocking down of a Chinese jet fighter inside China’s EEZ.
No doubt the hostilities against China would have intensified strongly had
not the 911 incident happened. Then for a decade America was preoccupied
with Iraq and Afghanistan. And China was given a reprieve of a decade in
which to strengthen its military. Today, China has just about all the military
technologies that America has and a few that even America does not have
such as the ASBM, DF-21D, that can hit large ships some 2,000 km or more
away with deadly accuracy guided by China’s own indigenously developed satellites.

And China’s air force, especially its fighters have reached comparable
level of the US such as the J-20 stealth fighter which is rated even superior
to America’s F-22. While America still has superior numbers the gap is
narrowing fast. It is obvious that China is accelerating the building of
many more arms such as fighters, missiles of all types, nuclear submarines
of many types, aircraft carriers and all kinds of naval vessels, etc.

And given China’s rapidly increasing economy there is much more money now
than ever before in the last 60 years to allow for the deployment of many
more arms. In purchasing power parity terms, China’s GDP has already exceeded that of the US by the end of 2011. China’s GDP was 47.2 trillion yuan which in nominal terms based on the nominal exchange rate of 6.3 yuan per dollar was only $7.5 trillion and significantly less than America’s $15 trillion GDP at end of 2011. But in PPP terms with the exchange rate of 3 yuan per dollar, the 47.2 trillion yuan translated into $15.7 trillion which is clearly bigger than the American GDP at end of 2011. If the Chinese economy expands 8% in 2012 then its yuan GDP will be some 51 trillion yuan by end of 2012. Its PPP GDP in dollars will be $17 trillion and some $2 trillion bigger
than America’s 2012 GDP. It is much more accurate to use the PPP GDP because China can build its own arms without needing any foreign hard currencies such as dollar to pay for the importation of any foreign arms. Therefore, the cost of China’s arms deployment is best estimated in terms of yuan. And as China’s technologies advance, especially due to the economies of scale, China’s cost of arms will be significantly reduced. By 2020 China’s
GDP in terms of yuan will be some 90 trillion yuan given a steady 8% growth.
In PPP dollar terms this is some $30 trillion while that of American GDP
will be only $18 trillion at best. This means that China can deploy almost
twice the number of arms of the US. That means if the US can deploy 10
aircraft carriers then China can afford to deploy 20. If the US can deploy
200 5th generation stealth fighters then China can deploy 400 of the same
quality fighters. And most significant of all, China can allocate twice
the amount of funding for technological R&D to forge ahead of America in
all technological sectors to develop sooner all the futuristic weapons such
as rail guns, particle beam weapons, laser guns, etc.

Of course, China must shift away from its current mode of economic development based on the export of labor intensive products which will logically keep Chinese people poor and China backward and weak. But if China shifts successfully away from exports and develop its domestic economy through the urbanization of the farmers or rural residents and increase their productivity through indigenously developed and owned technologies then China will have no problem in growing at least 8% per year for the next 30 years. This means China must reduce or even stop trading with the US to maximize its domestic development.

Given these economic, technological and military trends, it is obvious that
China’s future does not depend on America as it has been for some 30 to
40 years. China can only grow by being independent economically. And China can only be secure by being militarily powerful enough to counter American forces. And given America’s historical hostilities against the Chinese
people and the Chinese nation that verges on paranoid level if not psychotic
level it is not possible for the US to give up its hostilities against China. If Obama got reelected then its policy of encircling China will continue
and China and America will enter an era of cold war. If some Republican
got elected then the situation will become even worse with the distinct
possibility of a hot war. I see little incentives on America’s side to
decrease its hostilities against China as it now sees China as its biggest
competitor as the strongest nation on earth. And as China’s economy is
no longer dependent on exporting to America and its military is becoming
strong enough to counter American military threat, China is less and less
willing to make concessions to America. Even if Xi and the other Dengists
want to continue to ride the American hegemonic ship there are many patriotic Chinese who will condemn the shame and danger of this policy. In the end, China is set to chart its more independent path to national development.

The rational thing for America to do is to allow China to realize its normal
national aspiration of enriching its own people. But since America is determined not to allow China to develop to its fullest, it will do whatever it can to suppress China’s growth. And therein the danger lies. In historical
perspective, the current visit of Xi has no significance at all.

February 15, 2012 at 21:45



John Chan
February 15, 2012 at 14:06

Using the technique learnt in the Dick Cheney School of Imperialism to distorted facts and smear others with fake morality cannot hide your bitterness of failing to compete fairly, you need to read my comment carefully instead of making accusation with selecting words out of context.

I believe dishonest Obama with fake promise of “change” is detrimental to the world peace and prosperity.

Once studied in Vietnam
February 15, 2012 at 05:49


Be careful what you wish for. Here are the facts on your Vietnam, the open market for dissertations of all kinds – being openly on sale in the open market in Hanoi, Vietnam; what’s amazing about this is that this kind of sale takes up the whole section of a district in Hanoi.


February 15, 2012 at 04:25

@John Chan
“The US vice president notably pressed his guest over rampant theft of US intellectual property, and on charges that Beijing keeps its currency artificially cheap in order to keep the price of its exports down relative to US goods.” yahoo source.


You still can’t give me any reliable references of any US government officials who may got a fake degree. You are spewing trash, can’t back up anything you say with facts, simply a liar and full of CCP propaganda.

“The world needs people with integrity who can make the world peace and prosper; people with mere academic credential but without integrity will do more harm to this world than good.”
So do you really believe dishonor man Xi with fake degrees can make the world peace and prosper?

John Chan
February 15, 2012 at 03:57

Doctorate and Master degree are separate stream, Master degree is not a prerequisite for a Doctorate degree, as long as one gets Bachelor degree one can choose to go for either a Master degree or a Doctorate degree. The author’s comment “received a doctorate in 2002 despite not holding a masters” is weird and its seems the author does not know very well about higher education at all.

The neocon black information network is stuffed with high academic credential people, but it seems their high credentials only help them to lie more elaborately and do more harm to the world peace and prosperity.

The Wall St. is also stuffed with high academic credential people, but all they can do is to use their high credentials to cause more damage to the world economy and wellbeing of the humanity.

The world needs people with integrity who can make the world peace and prosper; people with mere academic credential but without integrity will do more harm to this world than good.

John Chan
February 15, 2012 at 03:35

Distorted a hear say reporting as given truth then latched on that fabrication to bash China, you surly display a lot of blinding hatred, it seems you have very painful experience in China.

Bad mouthing China cannot stop China from rising, nor can stop USA from declining. Spending your energy to work hard and producing better goods that Americans want to buy is better way to vent your anger. Bad mouthing baselessly only makes USA look as sour grape.

Obama and any USA officials will not dare to raise such fabricated topic in the meeting; they would be laughed silly by the Chinese if they try.

February 14, 2012 at 18:30

@John Chan
Please, No more trash. Show me reliable references of any US government officials who may got a fake degree.

How honor is it for China to have a vice president that owns fake education degrees? Is this guy your next president? WOW, Shame on China and its supporters like you.

China is on top of software piracy and making counterfeit products.

I really hope while Xi is meeting with Obama, his Chinese government agencies wouldn’t downloading software updates for programs they have never bought, at least not legally.

John Chan
February 14, 2012 at 15:54

Replacing a Child singer in 2008 Beijing Olympics is a stage management technique for a harmless entertainment event, while allowing Wall St. to replace toxic sub-prime mortgage as AAA investment grade instruments to cheat the pensioners and innocent savers of the world is really sinful beyond words. Further more the whole despicable scam is sanction by the Westpac governments that claimed they are democratic and care human rights.

China education may not be as good as the world elite class institutions, but faking degrees China is miles behind the USA, where you can buy fake degrees and professional qualifications online with a simple click. Talking about shameless thieving, welcome the kingdom of faking in the world.

The best part, there are tons of bigotry people accusing other nations for wrong doing to cover their own dirty laundry so that those shameless wrong doing can carry out with indemnity under the cover those loud rhetoric.

Leonard R.
February 14, 2012 at 10:55

I hope this is managed better than Hu Jintao’s triumphant state dinner last year.

We’ll know there’s trouble brewing if Lang Lang shows up to play a song.

February 14, 2012 at 03:46

“He also was the key man behind the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”
I wonder what was his roles behind the fake firework showing on TV, Child singer revealed as fake and cheated in woman women’s gymnastics for using under-age athletes.

“However, some questions have been raised about his educational background—he reportedly entered university in 1975 despite never studying, let alone finishing high school, and received a doctorate in 2002 despite not holding a masters.”
Education in China is a joke. Everyone can buy any fake degrees. Powerful political figure like Xi with tons of cash. Everyone with half of a brain can figure out.

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