The World's Gaze Turns to the South Pacific (Page 3 of 3)

“Fiji and Vanuatu are two particular countries it is courting.”

For tiny Nauru, establishing diplomatic relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia earned them a US$50 million assistance package from Moscow in 2009. The money has also flowed to Tuvalu since the world’s third least populated nation also recognized Russia’s troubled neighbors last year.

The PIF is also split over the recognition of Taiwan, however, as China has attained a degree of respectability within the forum through targeted aid, including a joint venture with New Zealand to provide the Cook Islands and its 11,000 people with clean water.

“This push also makes the forum less about its stated theme — Large Ocean Island States the Pacific Challenge — and more about nations shoring up recognition, in the case of China/Taiwan and Russia,” Sims said.

Russian-sponsored “assistance packages” not only legitimizes Fiji’s dictatorship and destabilizes Vanuatu’s government, but also comes at the expense of compromised foreign policies among the PIF.

That’s not to say that legitimate development assistance is not welcomed. Most PIF countries need sustainable aid from international partners like the U.S. $32 million offered by Clinton, which was primarily linked to climate change.

But “the Dutch auction”, as one long time observer put it, also comes amid other divisions within the Pacific ranks which is factionalizing and priming members for outside interference.

This became evident after a meeting of the Smaller Island States (SIS) which encompasses the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu.

Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna said the SIS would use its collective vote to support issues of mutual interest, particularly climate change, effectively acting as a sub-group within the forum.

A further layer has been added to PIF factionalism by Fiji, which was suspended by the PIF in 2009 at the behest of Australia and New Zealand in response to the 2006 coup.

Readmission is dependent upon holding democratic elections by 2014. However, Fiji has thrived despite its pariah status and built bilateral relations with countries outside its traditional sphere of influence through the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

The MSG is being viewed as a pre-cursor to the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) which one senior diplomat here said would compete directly with the PIF in direct opposition to regional and PIF political heavyweights Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, independence movements in French Polynesia and to a lesser extent New Caledonia, are in the ascendancy causing consternation among their colonial masters in Paris and further concern over shifting Pacific alliances in Canberra and Wellington.

This was highlighted in the official end of summit communiqué with leaders again supporting the French territory’s right to self-determination but this time, following last year’s election of Oscar Temaru as President, diplomats said this would be a major regional issue going forward.

“I think that the international push into the Pacific is a sign of an increasingly multi-polar world, where new powers are challenging the traditional geopolitical structures of the region,” Sims said.

As such he said the Pacific needs to assert itself but not passively bend to “all the demands of new actors pushing for their own self-interest.”

Over the long-term it is only the Pacific states themselves which will suffer from this kind of factionalism and independent deals that are dictated by the highest bidders. What is needed is frank and open dialogue on a united foreign policy that could deliver the PIF real clout on an international stage that can always do with a bit more honesty.


[...] 《外交学者》世界目光转向南太平洋。希拉里出席太平洋岛国论坛,强调美国对这16个岛国的关注。美国触角伸向传统上被忽略的南太平洋地区,是其亚太”再平衡”战略的重要一步。 《每日电讯报》胡锦涛主席的总管的儿子据报在他的法拉利车祸后死亡,这起丑闻再次使中国共产党中招。 《华尔街日报》美国国务卿希拉里说,亚洲国家需要同意一份行动准则,定义他们在南中国海争议部分应该如何行事,以降低该区域的紧张气氛。 《环球时报》中德辩论在线新闻:德方主持人Christiansen告诉《环球时报》”微博很不错,它让人们想说什么就说什么,抱怨腐败现象,最重要的是,让政府能够迅速反应,改正错误。我们在德国没有这种问题,因为在(传统)媒体上,什么都可以说。” 《纽约时报》德国和中国正在加强其双边联系,尤其在欧元危机之时。但是这一扩大的贸易关系也有其弊病。德国的以中国为中心的亚洲政策长期来看可能有害。 PC世界:三星电子周一说,在一个中国供应商工厂中,并未发现童工,但是发现了不安全生产和管理不善。三星将对中国的105个供应商进行现场监察。 《每日电讯报》自全球金融危机以来,中国工业产量正以最快的速度下滑,对整个远东带来连锁反应。 《每日电讯报》数千名抗议者周一包围了香港政府总部,抗议计划在学校引入亲中国的学校课程,他们形容这是试图对学生进行洗脑。 《外交学者》自马英九上台以来,台海关系明显缓和。但是,上周台湾国防部向立法院提交一份军事建设五年现代化报告,首次在此类报告中直称,一旦中国拥有足够的两栖舰只,中国在需要的情势下”可能试图直接进攻台湾领土”。这一言论可能意味着什么? 《华尔街日报》海盗湾创始人之一,27岁的Gottfrid Svartholm Warg,上周四在金边因为被控非法使用信息技术被捕。Gottfrid此前被瑞典判处一年徒刑。柬埔寨警方正和瑞典讨论引渡事宜。 《外交学者》印度和美国正在发展的伙伴关系。不管中国的崛起是良性的还是专横的,它都推动印度和美国走得越来越近。 《华盛顿邮报》中国人权活动家陈光诚将于明年访问台湾,并在国会发表讲话,这个民主岛屿的政府官方新闻周日报道。 《台北时报》台湾官员昨天说,台湾不承认日本政府任何国有化钓鱼台的行动,对东京都政府试图购买该岛屿而对此进行访问表示关注。 《华尔街日报》仅在香港新学年开始之前,上千名学生和家长走上街头,宣泄不满,抗议他们认为政府对儿童的”洗脑”。 《金融时报》中国制造商面临需求下降。 《华尔街日报》中国主席胡锦涛的亲信的关键职位被国家下任领导人习近平的盟友代替,在今年秋天发生的10年一度领导人更替之前,这样的职位变化令人吃惊。 《纽约时报》国务卿希拉里开始了10天6国亚洲之旅,表示意在深化美国在太平洋的外交、经济和安全支持;在南海领土争端之时 ,她也对北京做出了和解的陈述。 《亚洲壹新闻》 台湾总统马英九的高级国防助理周五访问太平岛,他说,台湾决心成为南中国海的和平调解人。 《华尔街日报》最近的四川攀枝花煤矿事故已造成43人死亡,是近三年最惨烈的煤矿事故。官方媒体称,初步调查表明,煤矿管理混乱,太多的矿工进入地下作业,无视完全法规。 路透社:中国国防部长罕见地访问印度。在中国纠结于领导层更替和南中国海的摩擦之时,此次访问将有助于避免亚洲两个核大国之间的边界问题爆发。 《底特律自由新闻》 通州堡新村的村民因为暴力拆迁致残,村民没有拿到补偿款,没人能说清楚这里面有什么权钱交易。如今,在这片土地上崛起了中国的顶级别墅泰禾红御,公司助理沈先生说,”你把这房子的价格和周围人的收入相比没有意义,我们的房子不是为周围的人准备的,我们的房子要卖给中国最成功的人。” 《印度时报》西藏流亡政府希望,一旦北京的领导层更替完成,他们将自12月份开始新一轮的推动,启动地址的和中国的会谈。 路透社观察:中国银行追在钢铁贸易商后面,把老总告上法庭讨债;而部分贸易商说,他们开始根本就不需要这些贷款,现在还不上。这场银行和钢铁贸易商的战斗也揭示了2008年4万亿刺激中间的漏洞,对他们现在还呼吁加大刺激的人来说,则是一个警示。 [...]

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