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To elevate the quality and tone of discussion in our comments section, we are tightening our moderation as of April 2013. Please note that the following comments will be blocked:

  1. Spam
  2. Comments with offensive language.
  3. Comments that attack or ridicule any individual or group.
  4. Comments with links that are not essential to the point.
  5. Comments that are off topic.
  6. Comments that call for conflict.
  7. Comments that are generally mean-spirited, in either tone or content.

We acknowledge that many of these criteria are highly subjective in nature. However, as a privately owned publication, The Diplomat reserves its right to apply its judgment as it sees fit.

Many of the topics we cover are inherently controversial. We welcome perspectives that differ from those that we offer; they make the site stronger. Please note, however, that The Diplomat comments section is not designed to be a forum for repetitive and mean-spirited attacks and boasts. Nor is it designed to host ongoing arguments about which country is going to overpower the other. There are other forums where you can do this.

So please keep your comments polite and on topic. Remember that there are methods for disagreeing or expressing strongly held views while remaining respectful. You’ll even find your comments will be more effective as a result.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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