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Losing the propaganda war

By Iranian student for

An anonymous Iranian student proves how the police and media in Tehran are colluding to discredit the protestors

Today we were supposed to gather in Hafte-e-tir Square and march towards the Tehran University dormitories. I started out and saw many, many armed forces and Basijis waiting in a park. I was stopped three times and had my ID and backpack checked, just because I was wearing a black shirt to show my sorrow.

There wasn’t a big crowd in the square – perhaps two or three thousand people. We shouted for a while before the forces dispersed us by firing tear gas and shooting into the air. I saw some guards shoot people with paintball guns. They have also been arresting people for no reason – one student’s was arrested simply for waiting for his son in front of the university.

Our television has now started a huge propaganda attack on the UK to go along with their usual attacks on Europe and the US. They are saying today’s situation is a British plot. They are obviously pissed off with how the BBC is reporting things and are paranoid.

Before the election, our TV always pretended to be fair and neutral. But they have now changed their policy and report against Mousavi and, obviously, in favour of Ahmadinejad.

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I am posting a picture showing the police damaging a car so they can go on the news and claim that ‘rioters’ and ‘rebels’ did it.