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Something has changed.

By Iranian student for

The protests – and their violent suppression – continue, but now the focus of anger is shifting

Today we were supposed to gather in Baharestan Square in front of Majles (the Iranian parliament). Such a stupid idea! It hems us in between tiny sidewalks and alleys and crowded streets. At first there weren’t many security forces there, but after a while, as more people came, they closed the two subway stations near the square an reinforcements arrived with their batons and plastic pipes.

They dispersed the protesters easily, and like other days, it descended into violence, but I don’t know whether anybody was seriously wounded or killed. We heard that Mousavi and his wife wanted to come, but it turned out to be a rumour.

People are still shouting ‘Allaho Akbar!’ from their rooftops each night, but after Supreme Leader’s speech on Friday, something has changed here. Most people don’t think about Ahmadinejad anymore and believe the Supreme Leader is guilty. But I’m wondering which is correct.