Testy Thai Ties


An interesting spat developing between Thailand and Cambodia took another twist today with Thailand announcing it was recalling its ambassador from neighbouring Cambodia.

The recall follows the announcement this week that former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been appointed as an economic adviser to the Cambodian premier. This is an especially prickly issue as Thaksin has been self-exiled from Thailand over claims of corruption while still in office. He has also been accused of orchestrating anti-government unrest from abroad, including inciting mass protests by his supporters in April this year that turned violent and prompted the cancellation of the ASEAN summit in Pattaya. Thaksin says he was just offering moral support.

Relations between the two countries were anyway already tense after a dispute over the area surrounding the Preah Vihear Temple last year. The Diplomat contributor Luke Hunt is in the region now and will be reporting on some recent developments there for us. Should make for an interesting read.

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