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Trying to think of something Christmas appropriate that didn’t have a painfully tenuous link to Asia-Pacific news was a little difficult, but I think I’ve managed.Actually the story underscores a more general point that numerous commentators and analysts have been making to me about the potential for closer integration in Asia–that it will be led by economics, while security ties will lag.

The China Daily reports that Chinese toy manufacturers, anticipating a slowdown in the usual Christmas rush because of the global recession, have been eyeing new markets, including in Southeast Asia:

‘Guangdong province, another key Christmas manufacturing base, recorded exports of 19,000 tons to Association of South East Asian Nations between January and August, a hike of 250 percent on last year.

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‘In the US and Europe, total export volumes for the same period fell 25 percent and 14 percent respectively.’

We have some interesting insights on why security co-operation in Asia is lagging in our upcoming APAC 2020 special. In the meantime though, enjoy the festive period!

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