A Weight Watchers' Toast


Lower your alcohol content and lower your BMI? According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘A case of light and easy,’ this notion is the driving force behind a new wine trend amongst the weight-conscious in Australia.

According to it, low-alcohol wines have surged in popularity following reports of its potential benefits for dieters. And weight-loss aid chain Weight Watchers has now jumped on board, officially endorsing a line of products by Australian winery McWilliam’s. The wine in question, called ‘Balance’ is, according to McWilliam’s, a response to clients who were looking for ‘lighter, more refreshing styles of wine that better align to their lifestyle.’ Thus, Balance wine contains 8.5 percent alcohol, which is about one-third less in alcohol volume and calories compared with regular varieties. It currently retails at about $17 dollars a bottle.

Reportedly, over 1.8 million people now follow the Weight Watchers program in Australia each year, which means we’ll most likely soon be seeing many more such ‘diet’ wine products on the market. I still think that’s a bit of a paradox.

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