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India’s Heat Wave – Karma?

Writer Jug Suraiya says the country’s heat wave may be us paying our dues in life.

North India is reeling under a heat wave, with temperatures reaching record levels, and threatening to touch a scorching 50 degree Celsius in many regions. Tempers get frayed, discussions more heated as we’re asked to deal with this heat, and the resultant power cuts make things much, much worse.

People say human genes evolve due to the surrounding environment. And national culture is supposedly shaped by many elements including the climate we live in, since it impacts food, clothing and entertainment options. So, what has the blazing heat taught us North Indians, and how does it make us different from those in cooler climes and more temperate zones?

Renowned writer Jug Suraiya had an entertaining take on all this in his recent blog for The Times of India. Suraiya believes we make so much about our heat wave because of our ‘profound philosophy’ of ‘karma’ which says our past actions determine our place in life. Suraiya believes we make much of our boiling in the heat because we hope this unbearable suffering in this life will ensure we have paid our dues, and will allow us to move on to a better life next time. Read the rest of his piece for more such wisdom!