New Emissary

A Brief Holiday Hiatus

There’ll be plenty of new arts and culture topics for 2011 when The New Emissary returns from a brief holiday hiatus.

Just a note to readers that the New Emissary will be taking a break over the winter holidays while I travel and weekly art blogger Robert Tobin prepares for the opening of a new show at his gallery on January 8, featuring artists Joji Shimamoto and Mario Tauchi. (Readers visiting or based in Japan are invited to join Robert and the artists at the opening reception from 6-9pm.)

I still plan to update from time to time over the next couple of weeks, as I come across emerging arts and culture news from the Asia-Pacific, so please keep an eye out. I look most forward to sharing fresh in-depth series on arts and culture with you in 2011. 

Thank very much you for your support and comments this year, and please have a happy and refreshing holiday season.