Tony Blair on WikiLeaks?
Image Credit: World Economic Forum

Tony Blair on WikiLeaks?


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair got right to the heart of one of the biggest dangers of the ongoing WikiLeaks release of US State Department documents when he said:

‘Another and much more important reason why it is a dangerous (a)ct is that governments, like any other organisations, need to be able to debate, discuss and decide issues with a reasonable level of confidentiality. This is not mildly important. It is of essence. Without the confidentiality, people are inhibited and the consideration of options is limited in a way that isn’t conducive to good decision-making. In every system that goes down this path what happens is that people watch what they put in writing and talk without committing to paper. It’s a thoroughly bad way of analysing complex issues.’

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He wasn’t, however, referring to WikiLeaks—he was writing about Britain’s Freedom of Information Act in his book A Journey, which I’m just finishing reading. He’s still spot on, though.

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