Latest Nokia Lumia EOS Leak: Photos of Complete Device
Image Credit: @evleaks

Latest Nokia Lumia EOS Leak: Photos of Complete Device


A Fourth of July leak from the infamous Twitter account “@evleaks” has revealed two more images of the purported Nokia Lumia EOS smartphone. The latest photos show a completed device, not only a case or individual components, just one week ahead of Nokia’s upcoming press event. The event, which is expected to unveil the company’s newest flagship Windows phone, is scheduled for July 11 and will take place in New York City.

“The volume and legitimacy of pre-launch leaks surge in the days just prior to a device’s unveiling, so it’s little surprise that noted gadget leaker Evleaks posted a pair of authentic looking images of the phone with just days left to go,” said Tech Crunch.

The photos show both the front and back of the device, which is powered on and displaying “AT&T” on the calling pane. The casing appears to have a matte black finish, and in accordance with previous leaked images of the same device, has a circular cut-out housing a massive rear-facing camera. The camera is expected to be none other than the same kind of 41MP behemoth found on the 808 PureView handset.

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“The Nokia PureView 808 is, without a doubt, the best camera phone ever made … but the Symbian OS it is based on is irrelevant in the current smartphone world,” wrote ZDNet. “The upcoming Nokia EOS/1020/909 will likely have a similar 41-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. However, it will also be running the latest version of Windows Phone 8 with the Amber update seen on the Nokia Lumia 925.”

The press package sent to reporters announcing the New York City event showed a picture of a magnifying glass with big, bold letters at the top exclaiming, “ZOOM. REINVENTED.” While the handset in the leaked images does not appear to incorporate an optical zoom, it could refer to the ability of Nokia’s PureView sensor to combine seven pixels into one.

The EOS, which has reportedly changed names from Lumia 1020 to the all-but-confirmed Lumia 909, was also at one point associated with the quirky codename “Elvis.” The price tag also remains a mystery.

“The Nokia Lumia 920 sells at the market at approximately $702 and the Nokia 808 with the same 41MP camera technology has a price close to $763, while the Nokia Lumia 925 has been given a price of around $728 so the Nokia Lumia EOS has an estimated price ranging from $700-$770,” explained the International Business Times.

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