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Motorola Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra: TV Commercial Storyboards Leak

The leaks tout extra-long battery life, features, and a possible release date.

By J. T. Quigley for

Motorola is gearing up to release an array of much-anticipated handsets before the end of summer. Two of the company’s upcoming smartphones are members of the Droid family: the Droid Maxx and the Droid Ultra. A pair of leaked storyboards, highlighting key features for each of the new devices, surfaced online earlier this week.

The first storyboard, titled “Island,” is for a 30-second television spot showcasing the upcoming Droid Maxx. It details the basic premise of the commercial as involving a man and woman out at sea on a powerful speedboat. The first feature to be shown off is the Droid compass app.

Mechanical problems cause the engine to fail, and the man steers the boat in the direction of a deserted tropical island. The woman asks the man, “How long you got on your battery?” to which the man replies, “Two days.”

The woman takes the phone and uses Spotify to play a “tropical island mix” as they disembark, jumping into the sand. Then comes the voice-over, “Forty-eight hours of worry-free battery life, the new Droid Maxx.”

“It makes us think of Google CEO Larry Page, who told us that battery life was one of the important things Google wanted to showcase in Motorola's upcoming phones last April,” said Android Central. “One of the most common complaints from any smartphone user is about their battery life. It's important … and the folks making our phones have got to start working on it in a meaningful way.” 

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The second storyboard is also for a half-minute television commercial, but this time for the Droid Ultra. It is titled “Invulnerable” and features a man in a sports car. He pulls to the side of the road and launches the navigation app (with camera angles that highlight the handset’s slim profile) to find a music venue.

After entering an apparently rowdy nightclub, the man drops the Droid Ultra on the ground. It gets kicked around, sliding across the floor, before the man can wrangle it and put it back in his suit pocket. The man goes back to his sports car and places the handset into the dashboard cradle, showing a completely scratch-free device.

Finally, he uses the voice recognition capability to open Spotify and play a Coltrane mix. “Fortified with Gorilla Glass. Encased in Kevlar, the new Droid Ultra,” says the final voice-over.

However, unlike the Droid Maxx storyboard, the one for Droid Ultra may have also revealed the gadget’s release date – August 8.

Images of the purported Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini also leaked earlier this week, courtesy of the infamous Twitter account @evleaks.