Project Inspire 2013: Empowering Women Worldwide (Page 4 of 4)

What kinds of training will be included?

Cristi Hegranes, GPI: GPI reporters take a six-month training course called the Principles and the Practice. Here, they learn to be ethical, investigative, professional journalists. GPI is not a citizen journalism program – but rather a program that takes ordinary women and turns them into professional reporters.

After taking the core course, the women of GPI learn photojournalism, video journalism, and can take specialty-reporting courses so that they can deepen their coverage on key issues.

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Once the training is complete, GPI offers every woman long-term employment working for GPI’s online news publication, Global Press Journal. Here, they work within our sophisticated network of editors, story coaches, fact checkers and translated to ensure we are producing world-class journalism.

These stories are produced in local language and English and then syndicated to more than 80 news outlets via the Global Press News Service.

At GPI, we use journalism as a development tool to educate, employ and empower women – who go on to use their training to tell the most important, untold stories in their communities. GPI is a unique opportunity for women because we take women’s economic empowerment to a new level that does not limit women to traditional economic opportunities. Our journalists earn a strong living wage and have become powerful members of their communities.

What kinds of stories will the women be encouraged to tell?

Cristi Hegranes, GPI: 

At GPI, we never assign stories from afar. Our reporters and local editors are 100 percent responsible for determining which stories reach our local and global audiences. Our reporters specialize in human rights coverage, gender justice reporting, arts and culture, business and enterprise, education and environmental journalism.

In light of recent violence against journalists, what would you say to women who will join the profession?

Cristi Hegranes, Global Press Institute: Becoming a journalist is a tremendous responsibility. At GPI, we take the responsibility of keep our journalists safe very seriously. As a part of the training, our reporters learn their constitutional rights, have local legal representation, take self-defense classes and abide by a strict safety/security protocol.

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