Indian Journalist’s Road From Addiction to Recovery
Vijay Simha being interviewed on the issue of alcoholism by the Bhutan Broadcasting Service in Thimphu in 2013. Interviewing him is journalist Namgay Zam, who is being tried for defamation as reported by The Diplomat.
Image Credit: Vishal Arora

Indian Journalist’s Road From Addiction to Recovery


Journalist Vijay Simha’s life and career came crashing down after he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. He first lost his job and reputation as one of India’s top journalists, and then also family and friends. He was living on the streets of Delhi in a cold winter when a former colleague forced him to seek help.

Simha unsuccessfully tried to run away from the rehab he was admitted to, but soon found a mentor in the addiction therapist there. More than 10 years into his recovery, Simha is now himself a mentor and a guide to many. His enthusiasm for political reporting has been replaced by his passion for promoting sobriety, although he continues to write for media.

Simha recently signed a contract with a publisher to write two books to challenge conventional thinking on and approaches to dealing with addiction — including the emphasis on rehab and treatment of substance abuse as a disease. The Diplomat spent a day with him to learn what his story is.

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