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A River’s Tail

Elephants and their Mahouts make their way back to shore after their morning bathing ritual in the Mekong River north of Luang Prubang, Laos.

Credit: Gareth Bright

A River’s Tail

The Mekong River is one of Asia’s longest rivers, stretching through six countries and supporting an estimated 60 million people. Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright, a pair of photojournalists based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia are on a journey to follow the Mekong River from sea to source, fully immersing themselves in the adventure of exploring one of the world’s most famous rivers. Over the coming months, The Diplomat will share some of the stories they’ve found along the river.

Writing and color photographs by Luc Forsyth, black and white photographs by Gareth Bright, videography by Pablo Chavanel.

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Posts by A River’s Tail
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April 27, 2016

Making the Most of Fruits of the Khone Falls

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
Not all living from the waters around the Khone Falls demonstrate concern for the health of the water or its creatures.
April 20, 2016

The Mighty Khone Falls of Laos

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
Near the Laos-Cambodia border, the falls stretch across the breadth of the Mekong.

March 23, 2016

The Bunong vs. The Sesan II Dam

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
For the indigenous Bunong people, a desperate battle against the Sesan II dam will decide if their community has a future.

March 09, 2016

Blocking the Flow: Cambodia’s Sesan II Dam

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
In Cambodia’s far north, the Mekong is under threat from one of the most controversial environmental project in the country.

March 02, 2016

The Tonle Sap: Cambodia’s Beating Heart

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
The Tonle Sap is Southeast Asia’s largest lake and Cambodia’s main source of protein, but all is not well on the Great Lake.
February 24, 2016

Towards Cambodia’s Great Lake

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
Cambodia’s Tonle Sap River is the conduit that connects the Mekong to the largest lake in Southeast Asia.

February 17, 2016

The Vanishing Lakes of Phnom Penh

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
Cambodia’s capital was once home to 2 flourishing lakeside communities. Commercial land development changed everything.
February 03, 2016

The Lives of Phnom Penh’s Chams

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
In the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, a small community of Cambodian Muslims live half their lives on the water.

January 27, 2016

Shifting Sands in the Mekong River

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
In eastern Cambodia, the global demand for sand to be used in concrete mixing has had profound impacts on river dwellers.

January 20, 2016

Entering the Kingdom of Cambodia

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
The second country in A River’s Tail is home to roughly 15 million people, and is one of the poorest countries in Asia.

December 16, 2015

Away from Sea, River Fishing on the Mekong

By Luc Forsyth and Gareth Bright
As we make our way to the Cambodian border, we search for fishermen who make their living from the river.
December 09, 2015

How the Mekong River Builds Houses

By Luc Forysth and Gareth Bright
Welcome to the city of Sa Dec, where the river is turned into brick houses.

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