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Bo Zhiyue

Bo Zhiyue

Professor BO Zhiyue is Director of the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre (NZCCRC) and Professor of Political Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

Professor BO Zhiyue, a leading authority on Chinese elite politics, is Director of the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre (NZCCRC) and Professor of Political Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

Professor BO obtained his Bachelor of Law and Master of Law in International Politics from Peking University and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Chicago. He has taught at Peking University, Roosevelt University, the University of Chicago, American University, St. John Fisher College, Tarleton State University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has also been Visiting Distinguished Professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University in China and Chair Professor at National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

He has published more than 120 book chapters and articles and is the author of a trilogy on China’s elite politics, including Chinese Provincial Leaders: Economic Performance and Political Mobility since 1949 (2002), China’s Elite Politics: Political Transition and Power Balancing (2007), and China’s Elite Politics: Governance and Democratization (2010).

Professor BO has been frequently interviewed by international media such as BBC, ABC, CNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, the Guardian, the Times, and Bloomberg. He is the winner of the “most quoted by Western media prize” on China’s leadership transition.

Posts by Bo Zhiyue
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October 13, 2015

The Downfall of Su Shulin and Its Implications for Chinese Politics

By Bo Zhiyue
The downfall of a rising political star sends a strong message to other provincial governors in China.
October 06, 2015

China's Xi Jinping Era Has Begun

By Bo Zhiyue
Xi's control over China's former leaders suggests his is China's most powerful leader since Mao.

September 14, 2015

Meet the Architect of China's Economic Policies

By Bo Zhiyue
What you need to know about Liu He, Xi Jinping's top economic advisor.

September 07, 2015

Should the World Be Worried About China’s Economy?

By Bo Zhiyue
Recently, influential voices have been countering pessimistic views on China's economy. Who's right?

September 03, 2015

3 Takeaways From China's Military Parade

By Bo Zhiyue
The military parade on September 3 was President Xi Jinping's coming-out party. What messages did he send?
August 17, 2015

Is Xi Sending an Ultimatum to Former President Jiang Zemin?

By Bo Zhiyue
What to make of an unusual article in the People's Daily.

August 11, 2015

Xi Jinping’s New Generals

By Bo Zhiyue
There are some oddities in the most recent round of PLA promotions.
August 03, 2015

Is This Man China's Next Leader?

By Bo Zhiyue
The rise of a Zhejiang clique is good news for Chen Min'er, the new party secretary of Guizhou Province.

July 31, 2015

Guo Boxiong, Jiang Zemin, and the Corruption of the Chinese Military

By Bo Zhiyue
If two of the most powerful military leaders in the past 16 years are corrupt, who in the Chinese military is not?

July 15, 2015

The Rise of China's Nanjing Military Region

By Bo Zhiyue
The Nanjing Military Region has become a major source of PLA Air Force leaders.

July 13, 2015

The Legacy of a Fallen Chinese Politician

By Bo Zhiyue
What lesson did China's politicians learn from the downfall of Bo Xilai?
July 08, 2015

Why Is China's Stock Market Crashing?

By Bo Zhiyue
Bad names, bad math or bad luck.

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