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Carl Thayer

Carl Thayer

Carl Thayer is Emeritus Professor at The University of New South Wales and Director of Thayer Consultancy.

He is a Southeast Asia regional specialist who taught at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Australian Command and Staff College, and Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Australian Defence College.

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March 22, 2016

After Natuna Incident, South China Sea Tensions Likely to Get Worse Before They Get Better

By Carl Thayer
Indonesia is set to follow a passive and dependent policy in the region.
December 08, 2015

Why Vietnam's Foreign Policy Won't Change After Its Party Congress

By Carl Thayer
Exploring myths and misconceptions regarding Vietnam's approach to China and the United States.

October 02, 2015

Vietnam Is Changing... And So Is the Balance of Power in Asia

By Carl Thayer
All signs point to intense internal debate on leadership and foreign policy.

July 13, 2015

8 Developments in US-Vietnam Relations Show Emerging Partnership

By Carl Thayer
US-Vietnam relations are neither an alliance nor a strategic partnership yet.

July 06, 2015

Is Vietnam Pivoting Toward the United States?

By Carl Thayer
In an unprecedented move, the secretary-general of Vietnam's Communist Party will visit the United States.
June 21, 2015

Who Is the Biggest Aggressor in the South China Sea? (A Rejoinder)

By Carl Thayer
China's track record in the South China Sea is markedly different from those of the other claimants.

June 07, 2015

No, China Is Not Reclaiming Land in the South China Sea

By Carl Thayer
Rather, China is slowly excising the maritime heart out of Southeast Asia.
March 17, 2015

Australia and Vietnam Enhance Their Comprehensive Partnership

By Carl Thayer
Both sides also agreed to raise bilateral relations to a strategic partnership in the future.

March 13, 2015

Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay Caught in US-Russia Crossfire

By Carl Thayer
How will Hanoi respond to U.S. pressure to curtail flights of Russian refueling aircraft out of Cam Ranh Bay?

March 10, 2015

The Philippines and Vietnam Forge a Strategic Partnership

By Carl Thayer
Could this form the basis of multilateral maritime security cooperation?

February 27, 2015

The Rebalance in Southeast Asia: Not About Containment

By Carl Thayer
Far from trying to “contain” China, the U.S. is focusing on a wide array of initiatives with regional actors.
January 23, 2015

The Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam Race to South China Sea Defense Modernization

By Carl Thayer
Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam are all striving to bolster their maritime capabilities.

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