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James Parker has lived in Beijing for eight years and has worked at both foreign and domestic financial institutions. He is also engaged in consulting in the areas of international economics and international political risk, and teaches post-graduate finance courses for various UK Universities.

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January 15, 2014

Indian Inflation Eases Slightly

By James Parker
But inflationary pressures built into the economy complicate matters for the Reserve Bank.
January 09, 2014

China Tackles Statistics Reform

By James Parker
The chief statistician announces plans to tackle the country’s notoriously dodgy figures.

January 06, 2014

Another Challenging Year Awaits for India’s Economy

By James Parker
Lower growth rates and stubborn inflation will keep the Reserve Bank of India on its toes.

January 02, 2014

China’s Rebalancing: A Transition to Slower Growth

By James Parker
China looks set to post slower growth in 2014, as its economic rebalancing continues.

December 31, 2013

China Faces Local Debt Conundrum in 2014

By James Parker
An audit shows local government debt at a level that requires action.
December 23, 2013

China Faces Cash Crunch Again

By James Parker
Short-term borrowing costs jump as the central bank tries to reform the credit market.

December 16, 2013

China Focuses on Local Government Debt

By James Parker
A key economic conference highlights Beijing’s concerns about the buildup of debt at the local government level.
December 15, 2013

Death Dealing Company Attracts Investor Interest

By James Parker
Investors flock to an IPO by a Shanghai company specializing in the burgeoning death care market.

December 07, 2013

Qantas in Trouble

By James Parker
Australia’s international airline is downgraded to junk status, as the government rejects calls for subsidies.

December 06, 2013

China as Unsure About Bitcoin as Everyone Else

By James Parker
Although it has announced new controls, it is unclear what direction Chinese authorities will take with the virtual currency.

December 02, 2013

IPO Changes Imminent in China?

By James Parker
A weekend statement by the China Securities Regulatory Commission suggests that a reformed IPO market may soon reopen.
November 28, 2013

Instability Hits Thailand’s Economy

By James Parker
Markets take note of the escalating protests as the Bank of Thailand makes a surprise rate cut.

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