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Mohamed Zeeshan

Mohamed Zeeshan

Mohamed Zeeshan is Editor-in-Chief of Freedom Gazette and author of “Flying Blind: India’s Quest for Global Leadership.”

Mohamed Zeeshan is a policy analyst and Editor-in-Chief of the Freedom Gazette, a policy advocacy site based in India. He is a regular writer on international affairs and his key areas of interest are Indian foreign policy, international political economy and economic development. He has previously served as a consultant to the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York and advised governments in the Middle East on issues of economic reform and state-building. Zeeshan has previously written for The Diplomat, The National Interest, India Today and others, and currently writes regular columns on Indian and international politics for the Deccan Herald. He holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University where he also edited the Columbia Journal of International Affairs. Follow him on Twitter.
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July 06, 2021

External Concerns are Driving Modi’s Kashmir Strategy

By Mohamed Zeeshan
New Delhi’s crackdown on Kashmir since August 2019 has turned the global spotlight on the human rights situation there.
June 02, 2021

India Should Help Smaller Powers Lead Regional Cooperation in South Asia

By Mohamed Zeeshan
If New Delhi wants to keep Beijing out of its backyard, it has to step up regional cooperation in South Asia.

May 19, 2021

India Must Rethink Its Pandemic Vaccination Strategy

By Mohamed Zeeshan
The country must ditch its tech-centric approach and instead draw from its past successes in mass vaccination.

May 03, 2021

The Indian Foreign Service Must Speak Out Against Growing Politicization

By Mohamed Zeeshan
The Indian diplomatic corps is being increasingly used for partisan purposes.

April 05, 2021

India’s Approach Toward Myanmar Will Hurt Its Credibility

By Mohamed Zeeshan
India must distinguish itself from China and cut the Myanmar army loose.
March 17, 2021

Can India Mold the Quad for Its Own Gains?

By Mohamed Zeeshan
India represents the only developing country that can challenge China in the long run. The Quad must help build India’s strengths.

March 04, 2021

COVID-19 Threatens to Waste India’s Demographic Dividend

By Mohamed Zeeshan
The impacts of the pandemic on India’s youth threaten to last for years to come, undoing decades of progress on multiple fronts.
February 17, 2021

How India is Trying to Police the Internet

By Mohamed Zeeshan
As the Indian government’s actions during the farmers’ protest demonstrate, it is keen on curbing unfavorable opinion online. And existing laws may be enabling it.

January 18, 2021

India and the US: Ideological Convergence No More?

By Mohamed Zeeshan
A new declassified document suggests that Washington sees New Delhi primarily as a security partner.

January 05, 2021

India’s Effort to Reform the United Nations Security Council Demands a New Mindset

By Mohamed Zeeshan
Fence-sitting and ambiguous positions on key international security issues hasn’t served the country’s global ambitions well.

December 02, 2020

On Economic Reforms, Modi’s Strength Is His Weakness

By Mohamed Zeeshan
To revive its economy, India needs more democracy, not less.
November 02, 2020

India Stands With Macron – But Not For the Same Things

By Mohamed Zeeshan
New Delhi wants to divorce human rights advocacy from its fight against Islamist terrorism.

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