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Santosh Sharma Poudel

Santosh Sharma Poudel

Santosh Sharma Poudel

Santosh Sharma Poudel is a faculty at the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu and a co-founder of Nepal Institute for Policy Research (NIPoRe).

Santosh Sharma Poudel is foreign policy analyst and co-founder of Nepal Institute for Policy Research (NIPoRe). He leads the National Security and Foreign Affairs cluster at NIPoRe. He is also a faculty at Department of International Relations and Diplomacy (DIRD), Tribhuvan Unviersity. He writes on Nepali foreign and security policy and regional order regularly in Nepali newspapers and magazines. Besides Nepal, his areas of interest are South Asian regional order, China’s rise, and security in the Asia-Pacific.

He advises and conducts research for Institute for Foreign Affairs (IFA), a semi-autonomous research institute of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal.

He received his Bachelors from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan and Master’s from S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University. He was awarded the ST Engineering Gold Medal at for his excellence at RSIS and Nepal Bidhyabhusan (Kha) from the Government of Nepal.

Posts by Santosh Sharma Poudel
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June 23, 2022

India-Nepal Diplomatic Relations at 75: Full of Contradictions

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
The two countries share strong cultural, religious, political, and economic ties. The same issues can pull them apart.
June 09, 2022

Nepal Is Caught Between the US and China on Tibetan Refugee Issue

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
A recent visit by an American official to Tibetan refugee camps in Kathmandu appears to have not gone down well with Beijing.

May 27, 2022

Modi Visits the Buddha’s Birthplace in Nepal

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
The Indian prime minister’s religious diplomacy could make Nepal a pawn in India’s domestic politics, even make it appear complicit in BJP’s communal politics.

May 12, 2022

A Long Way to Go for Gender Equality in Nepali Politics

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
Nepal has progressive laws and quotas for women’s representation in politics, but patriarchy and gender discrimination run deep and influence the decisions of parties.

April 28, 2022

Is Nepal Going the Way of Sri Lanka?

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
Although Nepal’s economic health is worrying, tourism is picking up and foreign remittances are poised to increase.
April 08, 2022

Deuba’s India Visit Arrests Drift in India-Nepal Relations

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
The Varanasi leg of the Nepali PM’s visit to India was aimed at taking the wind off the sails of both Hindu nationalists and the main opposition back home.

March 30, 2022

Did Wang Yi’s Visit Stem the Slide in China-Nepal Relations?

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
The Chinese foreign minister’s visit came less than a month after Kathmandu ratified the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact, despite Beijing’s reservations.
March 17, 2022

What Lies Behind Prachanda’s Volte-face on Nepal’s Ratification of the Millennium Challenge Compact?

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
Domestic politics and personal insecurity prompted the former Maoist chief’s decisions to oppose and subsequently support ratification of the agreement.

February 28, 2022

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Lessons for Nepal

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
Ukraine’s fate serves as a reminder to small powers that they must walk a fine line between protecting their sovereignty and showing "strategic empathy" towards the interests of major powers.

February 18, 2022

Nepal’s MCC Debate Reflects Flaws in Its Decision-Making

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
The debate over the aid project is not about its contents but about American intentions, the integrity of Nepali leaders, and domestic cost-benefit analysis.

February 09, 2022

India-Nepal Territorial Dispute Flares up Again

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
Indian Prime Minister Modi spoke of a road through disputed Lipulekh with an eye on Hindu votes. It could deepen anti-India nationalism in Nepal.
January 07, 2022

Can India Lead South Asia by Example in 2022?

By Santosh Sharma Poudel
India’s smaller neighbors want New Delhi to prioritize regional forums like SAARC and respect their strategic autonomy in dealing with China.

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