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Yong Kwon

Yong Kwon

Yong Kwon is the Director of Communications at the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI).

Yong Kwon joined KEI as the Director of Communications in September 2018.

He came to KEI from the consulting firm The Asia Group, where he supported U.S. companies operating in East Asia. In addition to providing briefings on the political dynamics shaping the business environment, he assisted clients with their market entry and expansion campaigns. As part of this effort, he helped prepare a Houston-based energy company for off-take discussions with three of the largest players in South Korea’s petrochemical industry. He also helped a trade group research and develop a messaging campaign around the need for greater transparency and investment in Korea’s public healthcare sector.

Prior to joining The Asia Group, Yong worked as a politics and business commentator. In addition to covering South Korea’s foreign policy for Asia Times Online, Yong served as the inaugural columnist for The Diplomat Magazine’s page on the Korean Peninsula.

Yong holds a MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics where he focused on South Korea’s financial policies during the 1970s. He holds a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

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August 07, 2014

Understanding North Korea's Behavior

By Yong Kwon
The Diplomat's Yong Kwon speaks to Steven Denney of SinoNK.
August 05, 2014

South Korea Is Not a Revisionist Power

By Yong Kwon
Even as it deepens ties with China, South Korea takes steps to bolster the U.S.-led regional order.

August 03, 2014

How South Korea’s Liberals Lost Their Way

By Yong Kwon
Last month’s by-election underscored the weakness of South Korea’s liberal movement, and its need to reinvent itself.

July 31, 2014

South Korea’s Ruling Party Scores Big At Polls

By Yong Kwon
The ruling Saenuri party took 11 seats in the by-election, giving it a strong majority in the legislature.

July 25, 2014

South Korea’s Free Trade Dilemma

By Yong Kwon
The agricultural sector demonstrates the challenges Seoul’s trade liberalization agenda faces.
July 21, 2014

Why MH17 Is Not Korean Airlines Flight 007

By Yong Kwon
The downing of MH17 is vastly different from the shooting down of Korean Airlines Flight 007 in 1983.

July 18, 2014

Why Korea Can’t Follow Germany’s Reunification Model

By Yong Kwon
South Korea's Dresden Doctrine is destined to fail because it is based on the German example of reunification.
July 16, 2014

South Korea’s Ruling Party Braces for Defeat

By Yong Kwon
When South Koreans go to the polls later this month, the Saenuri Party is expected to lose.

July 11, 2014

Korea and China’s Clashing Histories

By Yong Kwon
While China and South Korea denounce Japan’s history, they have their own conflicting historical narratives.

July 10, 2014

Isolating Japan By Other Means

By Yong Kwon
A China-South Korean Free Trade Agreement would boost Seoul even as it undercut Tokyo.

July 03, 2014

How South Korea Plays the ‘China’ Card

By Yong Kwon
Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to South Korea is a boost to the Park administration on multiple fronts.
June 28, 2014

A Glimmer of Hope for Inter-Korean Dialogue

By Yong Kwon
The Kaesong Committee’s recent meeting made little tangible progress but did set the stage for future meetings.

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