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January 18, 2010

Taking it High-brow

Is there a Japanese Andy Warhol? Perhaps, some say, contemporary artist Takashi Murakami fits the bill. His likeness to the late art icon is attributed to his similar ability to transform pop culture to appeal to ‘high-brow’ audiences. And, while his

January 14, 2010

Not a Punch in the Face

‘A lot of the contemporary art I’ve seen from the Middle Eastern region has been too much about punching you in the face with politics and not enough about celebrating other stories, other histories and the sophisticated culture of these places, whic

January 06, 2010

Dot Obsession

‘Polka dots are tacky.’For the fashion mainstream, this seems to be the general consensus these days. While its counterpart, the stripe–of all thicknesses and colours–has made a big comeback, adorning all sorts of garments and accessories in recent

December 28, 2009

Photography 101: Be Likeable (?)

I’ve found in my work that people who photograph for a living–and in particular who travel to photograph–often seem to possess a refreshing humility and openness about their work. Perhaps it has to do with a level of wisdom they inevitably gain in

December 21, 2009

When Art 'Thrills': Notes from a gallery down under

6th Triennial visitors take in the work of Japanese sculptor Kohei Nawa.Highlighting the work of over 100 artists from 25 countries to ‘reflect the diversity of practices across Asia, the Pacific and Australia,’ the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Cont

December 10, 2009

Luxury Watches and Artists?

Last week I mentioned a new book by Phaidon on renowned artist Anish Kapoor, creator of one of my favourite public art installations — the Sky Mirror. Well now Kapoor is in the news again, having been announced as an official mentor by the 2010-11 R

December 04, 2009

'I nearly died': An Ai WeiWei Update

A few months back I wrote about Chinese artist Ai WeiWei (‘Where in the World is Ai WeiWei?’) who was recovering in a hospital bed in Munich after brain surgery. Back then it was still unclear whether the serious operation was related to a brain haem

December 04, 2009

Sky Mirror Revisited

;A new book on artist Anish Kapoor, published by the (never-disappointing) Phaidon company, is out now. Simply titled Anish Kapoor, the hefty monograph covers over 30 years of the acclaimed sculptor’s work brought to life by hundreds of color photos.

October 26, 2009

Frustration = Painting Numbers

Agus Purnomo, considered a rising young star in Indonesia’s abstract art scene, is going international–including to Tokyo, where his work is currently on display. His accolades already include the Nokia Art Award, the Jakarta Art Award in 2007 and b

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