Japan earthquake

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Japan’s Robot Love Hurts

Why wasn’t robot-loving Japan able to dispatch any useful specimens in the crucial weeks following the earthquake?

Creative Japan Aid, Big and Small

Creative Japan Aid, Big and Small

From a pop concerts to handmade hats, relief efforts for victims of the earthquake and tsunami are going strong.

Aftershock in Japan

Japan experiences a 7.1 magnitude aftershock exactly one month after the first quake. Tsunami warning issued, lifted.

Japan: A Sombre Anniversary

Japan: A Sombre Anniversary

One month after the earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of the country, moods remain sombre. Rightfully so?

Earthquake & Tsunami Art Relief

Gallerists and museums around the world come up with creative ways to help the victims of the Japan disaster.

Japan Tsunami Aftershock (Video)

Ulara Nakagawa recounts visiting Miyagi Prefecture, the area hardest hit by last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Japan's SDF Moment

Japan’s Self-Defense Force is having to step up as never before in the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami.

Tokyo: Searching for Comfort

Tokyo is still reeling from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Art can help people in the healing process.

Japan Tsunami Aftermath Video

Ulara Nakagawa shares footage of one of the worst-hit areas from last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Making Progress

Earthquake warnings, tsunami alerts and conflicting reports on nuclear plants make the journey to Sendai tense.

A Brave Face on a Crisis

A Brave Face on a Crisis

Stopping in Niigata on the way to the earthquake and tsunami-hit zone, things look normal. But looks can be deceiving.

Tokyo Earthquake Pictures

Tokyo is still experiencing aftershocks following the 8.9 temblor. We’re collecting images taken by staff and readers.

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