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Women For Wine

Women For Wine

Women are right in the midst of the exploding Chinese wine market.

Sayonara Wine Paradox?

I have to admit it was the image–a tuxedo-clad Asian pouring wine into a steaming purple pool of people–that caught my eye before the article in the Guardian it accompanies, titled ‘Japanese wine forces grape snobs to think again.’ The shot was act

Wine Superpower?

There’s no question that all things China-related are big news these days — I notice it more and more each day, particularly in the political realm, with the mounting speculation that it’s poised to become the next superpower. So I suppose that it s

Uncorking the Arts

I’ve always thought of wine-making as an art form — in the same category as fine cheese and fine chocolate
production — though
at the same time I try not to forget I’m fortunate to even be able to have an
opinion on this.


Great Wall Wine

Great Wall Wine

As promised, here’s more on the Chinese-produced Great Wall wine that Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao had served to them at the visiting American’s state dinner. It turns out that the wine is produced by the China Great Wall Wine Company Ltd.,

Pope's Toast... to Coonawarra Reds

I stumbled across a very interesting article from Australia at the weekend. (‘Wine Fit for Papal Palates’)Two major wineries in Australia, DiGiorgio Family Wines and Zema Estate, have been chosen to participate in a big riverside Australia Day celebr

Kiwi Wine Sweetheart - still Sauvignon Blanc

Speaking of island wines yesterday, at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition last month, judging panel chair Luciana Lynch singled out New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as one of the classiest and best quality wines in the world.&nbsp

Bets Back on HK

This week I mentioned the (supposed) Singapore vs. Hong Kong art war, with the two metropolises said to be vying for top city status through the development of world-class arts and culture scenes.  Well, judging from a wine industry update I rec

Another Wine Health Perk; Some Asia Trends

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