India Suffers Another Terror Attack
Image Credit: Office of India's Prime Minister

India Suffers Another Terror Attack


India experienced another terrorist attack on Wednesday when multiple low-intensity explosions occurred in Pune, a major city in Maharashtra state, close to the capital city of Mumabi. Pune suffered a major terrorist attack in February 2010.

Fortunately, the four small bombs (a fifth one was reportedly defused) did not result in any deaths, albeit two people sustained injuries. The perpetrators placed the explosives all within a kilometer of each other and set them to go off during rush-hour traffic.

Notably, one of the bombs was placed near a theatre that the newly appointed home minister (former power minister) Sushil Kumar Shinde was scheduled to attend around the time of the blasts. Shinde had thankfully canceled his appointment earlier in the day. At the time of this writing it is unknown whether this cancellation was related to a perceived security threat.

These attacks come at a time when Indo-Pakistani relations have been steadily improving. Indeed earlier on Wednesday New Delhi officially announced the passage of a law allowing Pakistani citizens and businesses to invest in India. The new law aims to facilitate greater economic integration between the long-standing adversaries.

A terror attack like the one in Pune, however, could disrupt the favorable trends of the last few months, were Pakistani involvement discovered. At this early stage in the investigation, there is no evidence to suggest Islamabad played any role in the attack.

Instead reports suggesting the explosives were made from ammonium nitrate indicate that the Indian Mujahideen (IM) was behind the attack. IM has used the same fertilizer in a number of recent attacks on India.  This led the Indian government to ban the open sale of ammonium nitrate last week.

K from PK
September 19, 2012 at 11:24

There seems to be an organized campaign to destabilize the world at this particular time….its happening all at the same time during such critical junctures and intelligent people should ask questions. How is it that the Islamophobic film is coming out just before the US elections, how come there was so much disinformation in the first 24 hours of Amb Steven's death, how did these protests erupt so suddenly in so many countries when the youtube clip had been up for more than several weeks, is there any relation to these events and Netanyahu's failure to get Americans to fight their war in Iran and the fact that Mitt Romney looks like he's already lost, and suddenly there is a blast in India again…the American/Israeli ally against "Islamic terrorism". It feels like we're all being used, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Pakistanis, Indians, Americans…..we should stop and think and not let fringe groups and provacateurs get away with manufacturing crises so they can wrestle control of our societies. Thinking people must respond rationally

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