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A Few Good Links

A lot of great graphs have been appearing on the internet lately—really modern and easy-to-understand ones with good topics. Here are a couple of great examples getting a lot of hits today:

First, this one called ‘Costs Around the World: Internet Access’ compares the average internet speeds and usage costs of 30 countries around the globe. Japan is number one for both efficiency and price, with Korea (presumably South!) coming in a close second. Australia is ranked 26th. And China, despite having the largest number of internet users in the world (an estimated 253 million), is not there at all.

Another interesting one may not be such welcome reading for Toyota, who had to recall almost 4 million cars this week for hazardous floor mats. It is a simple what-to-do flowchart called ‘Floor mat-Triggered Fiery Death Avoidance Chart.’

And…in China there’s news that 7-11 has launched its first convenience cafe in Hong Kong, called 7 café, serving sushi, curry and more. A nice article in Time offers some local perspectives.