Pope's Toast... to Coonawarra Reds


I stumbled across a very interesting article from Australia at the weekend. (‘Wine Fit for Papal Palates‘)

Two major wineries in Australia, DiGiorgio Family Wines and Zema Estate, have been chosen to participate in a big riverside Australia Day celebration in Rome in January. This is just one in a series of Australia Day 2010-related events that will highlight various regions of the country locally and internationally. The Pope himself is scheduled to be in attendance for the Rome event, which means he too will likely be enjoying a glass (or two?) of the wineries’ offerings. Both of the selected estates are located in the Coonawarra region of Australia, famous for its ‘terra-rossa’ soil, ideal for cultivating grapes for Cabernet Sauvignons.

With the change in season, I personally always turn from whites to the more deep, robust and oaky reds–Zinfandels and the occasional Shiraz, but mostly Cabernet Sauvignons. And I must admit it’s strange to think that this winter at least I’ll have a tiny little something in common with His Holiness…

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