Resistance is Futile. It's the Bollywood seduction


Having wrapped up our countdown of actresses yesterday, I’m now jumping straight into our list of Top 5 Actors in Indian Cinema.

And on a more personal note, I’ve recently joined some on-line Bollywood fan groups and started following the latest industry gossip–a dangerously time-consuming new addiction. As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve even started following superstar Priyanka Chopra on our twitter account, though she has yet to return the favour.

Earlier this year, The New York Times published the article, ‘Stumbling towards Bollywood,’ featuring a quote that may shed some light on our twitter insecurities. Said Warner Bros. executive Richard Fox on the enticing yet seemingly elusive Indian film industry: ‘There is professionalism, passion, work ethic and talent among the production houses in India, and in reality they don’t need us at all.’ Fox was referring specifically to past, failed Hollywood attempts to enter the ‘movie-mad’ market in India. The point is, Bollywood is successful–super successful–without Hollywood’s help. Raking in over three billion ticket sales annually, and with only a meagre five percent of movies shown being foreign, India’s movie business seems to be doing just fine without us–including this hopeful social networking ally.

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