Bee Saga Continues
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Bee Saga Continues


The Mayawati bee saga that I wrote about yesterday is such an important issue that I feel compelled to update our readers on what has been happening since. Well, the Uttar Pradesh police is taking its role, of investigating how a swarm of bees found their way to Chief Minister Mayawati’s big rally earlier this week, rather seriously. A police report on Thursday said a whopping 150,000 bees surrounded the chief minister as she delivered her speech, although how they arrived at this number is really anybody’s guess.

The report also heaped lavish praise on the chief minister saying had she lost her cool, it could have resulted in a stampede. Reportedly, the police also want to consult experts on bee behavior to get to the bottom of what is being claimed by the Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party as a deliberate attempt to sabotage its silver anniversary party. It’s fascinating that the police of a state that has such an abysmal crime record can so devote its energies to a case like this. This is really one of those tragic situations that force a smile out of you.

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