Indian Decade

Love Declarations

It’s about time India told Afghanistan how he really feels about her.

In an interesting bit of Indian diplomacy, 30 young journalists from Afghanistan are in India for two weeks of journalism training. Drawn from different media groups in Afghanistan, these professionals are getting training at one of the best mass communication centres in New Delhi, while some senior journalists from the war-torn country are also in Delhi at the invitation of the Indian government.

This quiet diplomacy of engaging Afghan civil society and promoting large reconstruction programmes has been going on for many years, and no doubt Afghans nurture lots of goodwill toward India.

Still, in the great game, India seems to be losing out to Pakistan. Security analyst and editor-in-chief of the strategic affairs magazine, WordSword, Col, Anil Bhat (Retd), bemoans India’s lack of aggression in its foreign policy.

According to critics such as Bhat, India behaves like a lover who does its best for its beloved but doesn’t want the world to know about it, and so fears expressing its feelings openly. Meanwhile, it’s not sure how Pakistan feels for the girl, but that country still openly claims to love her and wants to possess her unabashedly. America, meanwhile, pretends to care for the girl.

It’s clear that Afghanistan, for its part, doesn’t mind enjoying the attentions of so many suitors. Poor India needs to learn that hesitancy in love doesn’t yield results. Even a girl prefers a guy who is firm and resolute and vows to be with her forever.