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Superbug Piece Angers India

India questions the motives of a study in the Lancet that names a superbug after New Delhi.

India has vigorously objected to a report in the Lancet that tracked a superbug called NDM-1 back to the Indian medical tourism industry.

Indeed, India has not only condemned the decision to call the superbug New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase, but it has also disputed the research findings published in the Lancet medical journal by Britain’s Cardiff University.

Officials have noted that the study that made the claims over the bug, which is resistant to most kinds of antibiotics, was funded by a major pharmaceutical company and they have also suggested that the report might actually have been intended to hurt India’s growing medical tourism industry.

Meanwhile, an Indian co-author of the report has since disassociated himself from it, saying he was misrepresented.