China Power

Charlie Sheen ‘Is Not Filial’

A satirical take on Charlie Sheen’s dispute with producers offers some relief from a stale East vs West debate.

Almost certainly satire, the interesting question is whether this one somehow slipped through the censors, and whether someone on the editorial team at Global Times really does have a sense of humour.

Either way, this send up of the West vs East values debate at the expense of Charlie Sheen is a dry but welcome tonic to an often exploited (and usually fruitless) debate:

‘The fact that Sheen continues to embarrass himself unabated, becoming even a hero to many, points to the vast differences in cultures.

‘His employers are unhappy that he was distracted with prostitutes and drugs, and didn't show up to work on time. Why not take a tip from the Chinese business community, and make visits to a KTV parlor part of Sheen's workday?’

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