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Kim Jong-un Married?

Is change the new constant in North Korea? Reports suggest Kim Jong-un has married Ri Sol Ju.

By Harry Kazianis for

Change seems to be in the air these days in North Korea.

There has been much speculation about Kim Jong-un’s private life recently when an unidentified young woman was pictured with him attending various events. It seems the mystery may have been solved.

Reports are circulating that Kim Jong-un has apparently married Ri Sol Ju.

The BBC cites an  “(The) eight-minute report on North Korean radio which mentioned Ms Ri was broadcast at 20:00 local time on Wednesday (11:00 GMT).”

A recent posting from the Korean Central News Agency  detailed a recent visit by Kim to the Rungna People′s Pleasure opening ceremony that seems to match other reports,”An opening ceremony took place with splendor on Wednesday. Kim Jong -un and his wife Ri Sol Ju were present at the ceremony.” The piece all goes on to explain, ” He and his wife, together with diplomatic envoys, representatives of international organizations and charge d’affaires ad interims of foreign missions here and their wives, saw dolphins playing stunts to the tune of joyful music.”