Four More Years for Obama? President-Elect Romney?
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Four More Years for Obama? President-Elect Romney?


With polls in the United States seemingly locked in a dead heat between Governor Mitt Romney and President Obama, we here at The Diplomat thought it only fitting to ask you, our readers, who you think is going to win the election.

Make your predictions below in the comment section of who you think will win.

Will it come down to Ohio as some are predicting?

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Could America see a tie in the electoral college resulting in a Romney/Biden administration?

Do you think the Asia-Pacific will be impacted if Governor Romney wins and decides to make policy changes?

If President Obama wins, does he make changes to America's "pivot" or "rebalance" to Asia?

Let us know and lets see some bold predictions.

However, there is one ground rule as always…keep the comments clean and please be respectful. Thanks!

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