Star Trek Meets the U.S. Navy
Image Credit: US Navy - Flickr

Star Trek Meets the U.S. Navy


Our friends over at Real Clear Defense have discovered a very interesting video showing the U.S. Navy apparently using a solid-state laser in a simulation. Such weapons have been speculated about for years and now appear to have moved from science fiction to something closer to reality.

Laser-based systems could have many different types of applications. From missile defense systems to attacking enemy UAVs or drones to countless other uses, clearly laser weapons have tremendous utility for future use.

The caption below the YouTube clip reads: “Citing a series of technological breakthroughs, Navy leaders announced plans April 8 at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition to deploy for the first time a solid-state laser aboard a ship in fiscal year 2014.”

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I have reached out for comment to see if we can find out more about this amazing development. Hopefully….more to come! We have also embedded another video on the subject from the Office of Naval Research. Enjoy!

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