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Iron Man 3 Smashes Box Office Record in China

Iron Man 3 is already making history in China with the highest opening day grossing in the country’s history.

Iron Man 3 has broken China’s box office record by raking in 130 million yuan (21.1 million U.S. dollars) on its opening day,” Chinese state-media is reporting.

The movie was partly filmed in China and Disney, the studio that made the film, rolled out a strong promotional campaign behind the film in China, which began with a press conference last summer. For the film’s China release Disney teamed up with the local distributor DMG Entertainment.

As The Diplomat previously reported, a China-only version of the film was released which differed in a number of aspects from the film that was shown elsewhere in the world. For instance, scenes with the famous Chinese actress Li Bingbing were featured in the Chinese version of the film

Part of the movies successful opening day can be attributed to the fact that it coincided with China’s May Day holiday, in which many people have off from work.

Previously, Transformers 3 held the box office record in China, taking in 110 million yuan on its opening day in 2011.