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Motorola X Phone: iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Killer?

Could the world’s two most popular smartphone soon meet their match?

Editor's Note: Also see our recent series comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5: Part 1 and Part 2.

Ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobile almost two years ago, people everywhere have been waiting anxiously for the Silicon Valley giant to premiere a phone able to hold its own against the best in the business like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy.

Now, they might not have to wait any longer as there are a number of rumors suggesting that Google’s highly anticipated Motorola X Phone will be out sometime this summer, likely in August.

There’s no confirmation on this yet but it would certainly make sense given that most of its major competitors will not be releasing a phone this summer leaving the market wide open for Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt.

So, what should we expect for the X Phone? Will it live up to the hype?

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If the rumors are true the phone is likely to be worth the wait.

Among the most obvious but also useful parts of the phone will be its close integration with existing Google products like the Chrome Browser. Chrome is one of the most popular browsers but the X-Phone is rumored to have it deeply integrated as well. We would also expect Google’s new Google Now personal assistant to be pre-loaded onto the X Phone perhaps in an upgraded format.

In fact, the X Phone is rumored to offer a no hands voice command function. Since the popularity of Apple’s Siri, mobile phone producers everywhere have been adding their own voice command programs. The X Phone is expected to carry with it the next major innovation in voice command by allowing users to access the feature without pushing a command button. Rather, they will simply set in preferences how they want to initiate this feature and the X phone will eternally wait for them to access the voice command function. 

Perhaps the greatest innovation expected from the X Phone is a predictive intelligence chip that will try and predict the apps and features of the phone that the user wants to use at any time. Experts are already warning that this feature is likely to be only in its primitive stages. It could be possible that adopters of the phone may see the device open programs that they had no intention of using. This may be an inconvenience but hopefully their frustration will lead companies to quickly improve the technology for other devices in the future.

Tying these innovative features together is the fact that most anticipate Google to offer the X Phone at a very reasonable starting price.