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LG Optimus G2: Photos and Video Leak Ahead of Press Event

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LG Optimus G2: Photos and Video Leak Ahead of Press Event

Not much left to the imagination after a YouTube video shows the G2 in action.

An anonymous tipster, using the pseudonym “4Leakz,” has posted images and a YouTube video showing off the alleged LG Optimus G Pro – the G2. The images were originally sent to tech blog Engadget, followed by the YouTube video upload.

The leak comes slightly less than a month before LG’s August 7 press event in New York City, which is expected to introduce the new G2 flagship handset. Invitations to press outlets that were mailed earlier this week were far from subtle – they included the text “Great 2 Have You,” with the G and 2 larger than the other text and in boldface type.

The photos reveal a departure from the more squared-off design of the LG Optimus G. The purported G2 has round corners that are more reminiscent of the Galaxy S4 or LG-made Nexus 4. The screen, which rumors suggest will be 5.2 inches and full 1080p HD, forgoes a physical home button and ditches the three capacitive Android navigation buttons. Those buttons are on-screen instead, and allow the user’s background to take up more of the physical screen. A thin bezel gives the phone an almost seamless appearance from end to end.

In a smartphone first, LG has also apparently decided to move the traditionally side-mounted volume rocker (and power button) to the back of the device. This interesting design change was spotted in previously leaked photos of the G2, and it situates the volume and power buttons just beneath the camera.

The video shows the phone turned on and running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The rear casing appears to be covered in a flat-black sticker that reads NOT FOR SALE. “Reportedly, the phone is ‘very comfortable’ and reminiscent of the Nexus 4, but thinner,” Engadget reported.

While the technical specifications are not yet known, LG did confirm the CPU in a press release last month. “The successor to the award-winning LG Optimus will utilize [the] Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, the industry’s most advanced mobile chipset,” said the June 19 release. Qualcomm claims that the new processor will provide a 75 percent increase in performance over the Optimus G.

While consumers have been able to feast their eyes on the new handset’s physical features, the LG G2’s guts are likely to remain a mystery until August 7.

YouTube video of the supposed G2: