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More iPhone 6 Images Leak: Real Deal or Clever Advertising?

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More iPhone 6 Images Leak: Real Deal or Clever Advertising?

A Chinese blog has leaked photos and video of an alleged low-cost iPhone – alongside an Android clone.

Since April, images of purported iPhone 6 casings have been surfacing on tech blogs across the web. First, there was the image of a white plastic rear shell posted on Tactus, which the author claimed came to him from a “network of spies.” Then, a French blog posted similar photos of multi-colored iPhone back covers. Now, a Chinese manufacturer called Techdy has posted a video and more than 40 photos showing a purported iPhone 6 rear assembly matched up to a new display panel.

The Techdy author claims that Apple’s upcoming budget iPhone will be roughly the same size as the current iPhone 5, also using a 4-inch screen. As rumored, instead of the brushed aluminum casing found on the iPhone 5, the less expensive iPhone 6 will get a plastic shell (or, more specifically, “polycarbonate material” as described in the Techdy posting).

“When we hold the budget iPhone in our hands, the plastic chassis does not feel cheap at all,” said Techdy. “Unlike the plastic build quality of the Samsung Galaxy phones, the plastic material used on the budget iPhone feels more sturdy.”

Techdy also claimed to have come across an iPhone 6 display panel, which the blog attached to the similarly leaked plastic casing. “The display assembly just seemed to fit perfectly inside of the rear shell,” the blog reported. Techdy also examined the bottom portion of the case, pointing out a hole for a second microphone, the usual centered Lightning port, and four holes for the speaker. The blog post went on to claim that there are pre-drilled holes inside the shell for screwing in the camera, LED flash, and microphone.

Techdy’s alleged iPhone 6 parts look more legitimate than previous leaks, but that may be due to the higher quality images and the fact that it also posted a video. However, Techdy may lose most, if not all, of its legitimacy when you scroll to the shameless plug at the bottom of the posting.

“Based on the design of Apple’s budget iPhone, we have made a budget Android smartphone called the Basic Bear,” says the Chinese company’s blog, following a heading titled “One More Thing.” A photo of the exact same leaked iPhone case, with the Apple logo replaced by the Techdy logo, shows Android 4.2 Jelly Bean displayed on the screen.

“AppleInsider describes Techdy as a recent start-up that markets an open-source game controller for the iPad Mini and ‘as such has no track record in leaking Apple products. The company's founders include M.I.C. Gadget's Chris Chang, who has a decent history in reporting on Apple's Far East movements,’” wrote CNET.

A visit to Techdy’s website says that 5,000 “Basic Bear” smartphones have been reserved, with five colors offered. It is listed for $199. The company also offers a blatant HTC One clone, called the Bear Pro, for $249. Both are slated to ship on July 31.

Consumers eager to purchase a less expensive (and authentic) Apple handset will just have to wait until the fall. Only time will tell if Apple is willing to veer away from its traditionally premium-focused strategy.

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