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Wikipedia Refuses to Comply with China’s Censorship

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Wikipedia Refuses to Comply with China’s Censorship

Plus, a Chinese cargo ship attempts to transverse the Arctic route to Europe. Monday China links.

Some Monday China links:

Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales told the Wall Street Journal that he’d rather have no Wikipedia in China than comply with state censorship.

WSJ also reprints the statement of Ann Heywood, the mother of the British businessman Neil Heywood who Bo Xilai’s wife was convicted of murdering. It is the first time the Heywood family has spoken about the incident in public.

The Guardian reports that the Heywood family is seeking 50 million yuan (US$8.16) in compensation from the Chinese government for Neil Heywood’s murder.

The Financial Times reports that for the first time for commercial purposes, a Chinese cargo ship is attempting to transit the Arctic-route to Europe via the Northeast Passage near Russia. The route would eliminate 15 days from the traditional route to Europe through the Suez Canal.

The president-elect of the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, John William Ashe, will visit China this week at Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s invitation.

Caixin examines the best ways to manage bad loans.

Over at The National Interest, Rajan Menon wonders if “China is Doomed?”