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New Asus PadFone Infinity: Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid

Refreshed version of the current PadFone Infinity will sport a Snapdragon 800 CPU.

Phablets may not be for everyone, but most people seem to enjoy using a reasonably sized smartphone and a full-sized tablet separately. Asus believes that consumers should have their cake and eat it too, as the first hardware manufacturer to design a smartphone-tablet hybrid in the PadFone. The most recent model, PadFone Infinity, was released last February, but Asus is already giving it a refresh ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Invitations sent to members of the technology press indicate a September 17 launch for the new PadFone Infinity. According to Edgadget, Asus CEO Jerry Shen will host the event in Taipei.

Alleged GFX benchmarks for the new PadFone Infinity, code-named the “Asus A86,” appeared back in August. The so-called A86 likely includes an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, showing a 2.2GHz processor and Android 4.2.2 in the benchmark documentation. It scored a 33900 in AnTuTu – compared to the similarly Snapdragon 800-powered LG G2’s 29909.

“Aside from an upgraded processor and the addition of a white model, not much is known about the new PadFone Infinity. The design is said to be the exact same, with no resolution upgrade for the screen. A MicroSD card slot could make an appearance, but those are the only tweaks we’ve heard of,” reported Android Authority.

BGR added: “The lack of a redesign means that all current accessories will be compatible with the A86.”

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The white version of the new PadFone Infinity was also leaked in August, with Taiwanese blog ePrice accurately predicting a launch between September 15 and 20. ePrice also claimed that the price will be lower than the roughly $900 current model.

Another key piece of evidence, a drop-down menu on Asus’ support page that had an option for “The new PadFone Infinity,” foretold the upcoming launch of a refreshed model.

Asus has also posted a video to the PadFone Infinity’s current website that shows the new device “lifting off” from its tablet dock. It also includes a countdown timer that is ticking away the seconds before the unveiling in Taiwan.