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Apple iWatch: Hitting Shelves in 2014?

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Apple iWatch: Hitting Shelves in 2014?

Don’t expect it anytime soon, but new rumors point to an iWatch by the end of next year.

The smartwatch market is gaining grip, but while several manufacturers have already launched their wearable devices, there’s one big company that’s currently missing from the picture: Apple. While there have been tons of rumors regarding Apple’s alleged plans to launch a smartwatch, the so-called “iWatch” is still surrounded in a thick layer of mystery. Nevertheless, if we’re to take all the leaks and rumors into account, the Cupertino giant is definitely working on launching its first device in this new market segment. The only issue is that we might have to wait a bit longer than initially expected.

Rumors from earlier this year were suggesting that the iWatch could hit the market by the end of 2013, but the truth is, we’re definitely not going to see this gadget going on sale anytime soon. Apple tends to take its time when it comes to entering a new market segment, as there are a lot of aspects to consider and logistical issues to be dealt with.

Nevertheless, Apple is most likely hard at work developing the iWatch, and the latest leaks and rumors have given us a better understanding on what we might expect from the company. Let’s talk some more about these newest pieces of the puzzle.

Tim Cook Hints at the Apple iWatch

Several weeks ago, reports about Apple’s fiscal earnings for Q4 2014 surfaced, and it seems that the company could do better. In a nutshell, despite the fact that revenues have gone up, profits have actually gone down. This is due to the fact that the average revenue on each retailed device has dropped.

But, getting back to the iWatch, Tim Cook has discussed Apple’s future in detail. The CEO revealed that the company is considering the possibility of developing new products in areas where Apple is not currently invested. While this is hardly a confirmation that Apple is indeed working on the iWatch, it definitely feels like a pretty big hint. We could also get to see an Apple television  set sometime in the future, but so far, evidence shows that the Cupertino-based company is definitely playing around with the idea of launching a wearable device, in order to mitigate some of its profit losses.

New Bluetooth Protocol Patented by Apple Could Debut on the iWatch

Companies are constantly developing new concepts and patenting new technologies. Apple is well known for this practice, and oftentimes, these patent filings can reveal a company’s future plans regarding new products.

Such is the case with a new Bluetooth protocol recently patented by Apple, which further  hints that the company is working on its first smartwatch.

The interesting part about this new Bluetooth protocol is that it should significantly increase battery life and efficiency. The new technology allows a device to be paired on demand only. Having a Bluetooth protocol that enables and disables itself at appropriate times could theoretically increase efficiency, and allow the company to fit a smaller battery on the iWatch – thus making the device more efficient, less bulky, lighter and more cleverly designed.

But, while this patent seems real, how can we determine that this new Bluetooth protocol is indeed related with the iWatch? Well, the aforementioned patent filing does indicate that the said Bluetooth on-demand connection would be established between two devices: one that would have radio capabilities (such as an iPhone) and a second device that would lack radios (most likely a smartwatch) and would take advantage of the first gadget’s internet connectivity.

The Apple iWatch For Men and Women?

Rumors from earlier this summer indicated that Apple’s biggest challenge in developing a smartwatch will be to figure out a clever design. Apple does not want to compromise on looks nor does it want to develop a bulky accessory.

Speaking of which, recent rumors have recently suggested that Apple could release two iWatch models, one for men, and the other for women. The iWatch for men would have a 1.7-inch display, whereas the iWatch for women would deliver a smaller 1.3-inch panel.

While this theory sounds quite intriguing and would fit such an accessory well, the fact of the matter is that Apple is well known for its conservative ways. The company is not renowned for its willingness to offer a device in multiple sizes, and even its iPhone line-up hasn’t been in a rush to join the large-screen “phablet” trend.

All in all, an iWatch that would come in two sizes remains a pretty intriguing theory, but nothing can be confirmed at this point.

Rumored Release Date and Wireless Charging Capabilities

Last but not least, the latest rumors surrounding Apple’s smartwatch revolve around the gadget’s release date and other interesting technical details.

To begin with, Ctech – a source of inside information with an excellent track record of Apple leaks- has recently suggested that the Cupertino-based company has already tested two iWatch prototypes. However, contrary to the rumor above, Ctech’s latest reports suggest that Apple hasn’t actually decided on the dimensions of the iWatch’s display.

The source did mention that the prototypes have been powered by a rather small 100 mA battery. This could indicate two things: either the prototypes are just that and the final product will pack a larger unit, or the aforementioned Bluetooth protocol could allow Apple to fit such a small battery on its smartwatch, without compromising battery life.

More so, the source also reports that the iWatch will have wireless charging capabilities that would allow the gadget’s battery to be recharged without the need for it to make physical contact with a charging pad. The gadget would supposedly charge as long as it will be one meter away (or less) from the charging coil. This sounds a lot like the magnetic resonance wireless charging technology that Samsung is also allegedly working on.

Last but not least, according to the source, the iWatch will go on sale next October. At that time, chances are that the next iPhone will also be unveiled, and it would actually make a lot of sense for the iWatch to be launched side-by-side with its smartphone counterpart.

That’s all there is to it for now, but there are many months ahead of us until the iWatch will be officially confirmed. As such, more leaks and rumors are bound to surface. Until then, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share your thoughts regarding these latest reports.

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