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Galaxy S5: What to Expect from Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship

Though not expected until later this year, the S5 could be 2014’s most anticipated handset.

By Vlad Andrici for
Galaxy S5: What to Expect from Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship
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Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. This means that almost every source and industry insider has focused on debunking the mysteries behind this device ahead of its release. This leads to an ocean of interesting leaks and rumors surrounding the smartphone, and also gives digital artists an opportunity to take a guess at the handset’s final design.

It goes without saying that new bits of information will continue to hit the blogosphere until the moment the gadget is unveiled. Right now, all we can do is analyze, guess and hope that the next best thing from Samsung will bring new, innovative features to the table. Below you will find a compilation of the most recent and interesting Galaxy S5-related rumors and leaks.


One of the biggest question when it comes to an upcoming flagship smartphone, is “what will it make it tick?” While the Galaxy S5 is not yet official, there have been numerous leaks and rumors regarding the device’s hardware specs, and things look quite exciting. According to sources, the SGS5 will probably feature a 5.3-inch display of the AMOLED kind. The more interesting part is that the panel could deliver a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This would result in a staggering pixel density of 560 pixels per inch.

Other sources claim that the AMOLED panel will be ditched, in favor of a PLS LCD display. While it’s difficult to believe that Samsung would make this switch, the manufacturer also feels pressure from numerous other up and coming companies (Oppo would be an example), and an IPS LCD would allow the Korean giant to reduce the production costs of the next flagship smartphone.

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As far as the internals go, Samsung enthusiasts expect the Galaxy S5 to come in two main variants, just like the previous model. This would mean that the handset would be retailed with either a new 64-bit Exynos Octa-core processor, or the latest Snapdragon 805 SoC. There are also plenty of theories regarding the amount of RAM offered by the S5, and while some sources suggest that the handset will feature 3 GB of RAM, other hope for 4 GB. It is a possibility that the Exynos-powered variant could boast 4 GB, whereas the Snapdragon 805 model would “only” take advantage of 3 GB of RAM.

Last but certainly not least, sources of Phone Arena have suggested that the upcoming model will be powered by a new type of Li-ion 2900 mAh battery. Allegedly, the unit would be capable of faster recharging, and its dimensions would be reduced, resulting in a lighter, more compact device.


Sheer hardware performance is not all there is to a high-end smartphone, and Samsung understands this. But, one of the biggest issues with the company’s flagship devices has been the rather lackluster design. While companies such as HTC and Sony have strived to improve their smartphones’ looks, Samsung continued to deliver plastic-built high-end smartphones.

Luckily, this year we might see some drastic changes in Samsung’s top-tier line-up. The more recent rumors suggest that the S5 will be built out of a combination of both metal and plastic. Sources suggest that, while the SGS5 will feature a stainless steel battery cover, other components will be made out of plastic. There have also been rumors indicating that Samsung could apply a diamond-like coating on the metal case of the smartphone, providing higher resistance to scratches and light impacts.

These bits of information, combined with a recently leaked design patent belonging to Samsung, have led to a flurry of fan-made renders depicting the possible “final” design of the SGS5. However, Samsung has a reputation to keep its design secrets safe, and until we get to see the final product, nothing is certain.

New and Improved Features

Aside from top-notch hardware specs and an updated design language, Samsung enthusiasts can also expect a wide range of new and improved features. There’s a high probability that the smartphone could feature an iris scanner, and/or a fingerprint sensor. The new iris-scan technology has been hinted by Samsung’s executive VP of mobile (Lee Young Hee) during CES in Las Vegas. According to Lee, “Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology.  We are studying the possibility.”

Other rumors have suggested that Samsung has once again struck a deal with Synaptics. The aforementioned company has been responsible for the touch-free gesture solutions implemented in last year’s Galaxy S4 and Note 3. Sources claim that Synaptics has improved the technology, and features such as Air Gesture and Air View will be much more responsive on the S5.

Unveiling and Release

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With all the excitement building up, there’s one big question that’s on everyone’s mind: when will the Galaxy S5 hit the market?

Previous rumors have indicated that the SGS5 might be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at the end of February. However, Lee Young Hee has recently said that the launch of the Galaxy S5 will be no different than the release of the previous model. This means that the upcoming flagship could be unveiled sometime in March, in New York City during a new “Unpacked” event. The unveiling will then be followed by a market release by April.

The list of latest leaks and rumors ends here, but the story is far from being over. Until the Galaxy S5 hits the market, we’re bound to learn more about what could make this handset tick. Feel free to share your thoughts and your expectations in the comment section below.

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