The Diplomat Announces Partnership With /r/Geopolitics

The partnership will feature a monthly “Ask Me Anything” on the Geopolitics subreddit.

The Diplomat Announces Partnership With /r/Geopolitics

The Diplomat is pleased to announce a partnership with /r/Geopolitics, part of the enormously popular social networking and news site Reddit. The partnership will feature a monthly AMA, or “Ask Me Anything” in which The Diplomat’s editors and contributors will have the opportunity to engage with the /r/Geopolitics community.

The first AMA will be held on Tuesday, March 31, beginning at 9 am U.S. EST, and will feature writers from The Diplomat’s popular Flashpoints section. (For more details, see the announcement on /r/Geopolitics here.)

Future AMAs will cover various sections of the site, with individual editors and writers also invited to take part.

Commenting on the arrangement, Alex, /r/Geopolitics Moderator, said, “We are pleased to be partnered with such a well-read publication as The Diplomat, and excited to offer our community its expert insights through these monthly Ask Me Anythings. With the state of current affairs only growing in complexity, and with it the surrounding noise, being able to cut through and ask the important questions is invaluable. Thanks to The Diplomat’s writers these AMAs will allow just that. I expect everyone to leave the event more informed, and with a broader perspective.”

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to engage with the /r/Geopolitics community, whose interests are highly compatible with those of our own readers. Any chance to interact with our audience is welcome, and the AMA format seems to promise a very worthwhile exchange,” added The Diplomat’s editor James Pach.

The partnership is non-remunerative and will not change the way The Diplomat’s articles are handled on /r/Geopolitics.

Individual AMAs will be announced in the relevant sections of The Diplomat’s site. Readers are cordially invited to take part.