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Surviving Nepal’s Monsoon in an Earthquake-Ravaged Village

A visit to Bhimtar village, Sindhupalchowk, one of the worst-hit districts in the 2015 quake.

On April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake shook Nepal. Nearly 9,000 people were killed and over 800,000 homes were destroyed in the disaster. Now, over two years later, survivors are facing their third monsoon without adequate shelter.

Sindhupalchowk district was particularly hard hit. 3,500 people died and 75,000 houses were destroyed in Sindhupalchowk, making it the worst-affected district by the 2015 earthquake. Today, thousands of earthquake victims are coping with the monsoon in leaky temporary shelters. Residents of Bhimtar village, Sindhupalchowk, most from the indigenous Danuwar and Maghi communities, tell their stories.