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Why This Delhi Man Feeds Thousands Daily

Veerji, along with his group of volunteers, cares for India’s homeless.

Hundreds of poor, homeless people line up every morning at seven roadside locations in Delhi, waiting for a van loaded with food, water, and medicine to arrive. The people in the vehicle give them food, bandage their wounds, and also give them a bath. All thanks to one man, who along with his 250 volunteers, has been on a mission to serve the downtrodden for more than two decades.

He does not raise funds, nor does he advertise his work. Influenced by the teachings of Sikh gurus and Mother Teresa, Kamaljeet Singh, the Sikh man who is fondly known as “Veerji,” has decided never to form an organization — meaning having any other motive than to serve selflessly. In this video, Veerji shares with The Diplomat why he believes in serving.