Frenetic Serenity: The Streets of Saigon

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Frenetic Serenity: The Streets of Saigon

The 24-hour challenge: 100 street photographs of Saigon

Frenetic Serenity: The Streets of Saigon
Credit: Miguel Cano

Photo journalist Miguel Cano came up with the “24 x 100 street photograph challenge” — taking 100 photographs of one location in 24 hours. He spent one whole day capturing the soul of the streets of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and editing 100 shots.

On his mission of portraying the soul of Vietnam’s busiest commercial hub, he explored the working class neighborhoods, dived into night markets, witnessed street gambling and karaoke home parties, captured everyday home tasks and shot vivid portraits. Miguel did not encounter a single foreigner, which is normally a good sign when talking about real lifestyle photography. Everything seemed chaotic and hectic from the first glance, but when being observed attentively every character appears and moves on with ease, performing a set of duties that have become a regular habit to them. The collection of 100 street photographs aims to present this fascinating balance between frenetic and serenity, street grayness and an exorbitant colorful palette — the exotic harmony of the humble streets of Saigon.